I have to update before Spring Break. Last weekend was a great balanced weekend.  Friday night I went see “Hitch” It was so funny.  It was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.  I went with a freshman in my floor and three freshman boys she knew.  Huge deal for me to go out with people I don’t know.  Then Saturday was my missions car wash.  I am going to the Check Republic this summer.  The carwash was a huge success.  We made over $400.  Then later that night I went study at Starbucks.  I invited Jen and Kevin.  I knew Jen would keep us on task and it was nice to see Kevin in a setting other than the cafeteria.  Monday I did another thing that I have never done… I asked a boy out.  OK so this is not as huge of a deal since it is only Image Banquet and I am not romantically interested in this boy.  Nevertheless it was still hard.  I was supposed to ask him at dinner, but yes I chickened out.  Gosh, why am I such an idiot when it comes to boys?  I don’t know; I just hope I grow out of it.  So anyway I called him later that night and he said yes.  I went skiing in Colorado with him last year and sorta got to know him.  He is a great guy and I know I will have fun with him. 

            In other news I get to go home for Spring Break.  First Colorado, oh yea baby we are going skiing in the Rockies, and we will be back on Wednesday March the 16(my birthday by the way).  Then on Thursday morning I will drive to Louisiana.  Rumor has it that my dad is planning a mini vacation.  I guess I am down for whatever.  I guess the best thing I can say right now is that God is good.  I know that sounds so corny, but it is how I feel.  I am learning to deal with such a variety of people; needy, cynical, argumentative.  I used to get so angry with those people who have all the knowledge of God, but then would miss the simplicity of His love and sharing His love with others.  Over the last two years God has placed all of the above people in my life.  I am now dealing with these people on a daily basis!  I cannot explain the changes I am going through.  I feel what God feels for these people and others.  I appreciate all the things that have happened in my life because they are why I have the hunger that I have now to know His word and Him more intimately.  My life is heading in directions for which I have never planned.  That is truly scary for me.  One thing I know for sure it that although my future will be different that I expected I also know it will be better than anything I could ever hope for. 


Much love folks,

Jessie Berzas


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  1. Jessie, glad you are finding happiness through God. I want God to do that with me. So Czech Republic you should have gone to Ukraine but I guess that place is cool. but are you still going to you where?

  2. are you going through AFS? just curious…i have relitives who live there. i’ll be going there this summer allso. when and how long is undetermined. i’ve been thinking of studying overseas too. i live in duluth minnesota (under name). i live right by the shore of lake superior thats were that picture was taken. i bet there weather is nice in LA. anyways good luck with that guy. : )

  3. Hey, thanks for writing to me! What kind of tips ya wanna know? Just write back, ask questions or whatever, and enjoy your stay in CZ

  4. Jessie! Sounds like you are in a good place of uncomfortableness– God is making you GROW! FUN! I can’t WAIT to hear about the ski trip– i know you guys are having a blast!

  5. hey…well ask me fr whatever u want..I know abotu Czech Rep…everything u need..i live there for 17 years…well..this year i’m here…but that’s the only year I’m not there….ask em for whatever u want…ttyl….

  6. I just emailed the code to you, let me know if you have any questions about it.   I’m not from Australia myself, but my mom is, so i’m 1/2 Aussie 🙂 I wish I was from there though!  I’m a Business Admin. major….what about you?

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