Here’s the scoop on my life.

      I cut all my hair off and gave it to locks for love.  Worthy cause, but I really don’t like my hair all the much.  I cried for the first 5 days.  Then I learned how to make it straight instead of volume galore and now it’s ok.  A guy friend of my told me I look better than he’s ever seen me and he’s known me since my freshman year in college ( He’s married don’t get any ideas).

     Anyway in other news this one time I was trying to park at my house and some crazy lady was trying to pass in a no passing and hit my car.  Then she got out and yelled at me.  Yep she really was crazy.  Then when I told her I had to call the cops she said I was just doing it because she was black.  She then she left and we wrote down her license plate number.  After we filed the police report we learned that we must have wrote it down wrong.  So then I was freaking bc I don’t have insurance to cover myself and now we lost the crazy lady.  Well I went through a phase where I had to depend on my roommate and her car.  That was crazy bc I aint’ used to depending on anyone.   Then my wonderful friend Karen let me borrow her car.  She’s saved my sanity.  Ok so I got it fixed for about $700.  It is ok, but I can’t open my door.  Who cares I got 3 other ones to open so I am fine with the car now. 

       Also I went to the casino one night ( bad thing to do…really really bad thing to do. Never go!!!)  but so I won $2,300.  But still don’t go.  It is bad for you.  So I used that money to pay off my flippin medical bills!  It cost me $1,600 for them to tell me that I had an infection.  Dang doctors.  So as of this moment my life is crazy.  I am working on some things.  Well actually a lot of things.  In 6 months I will be in another country for 10 months.  Life is just moving way too fast.  I feel like nobody reads this crap anymore so now I write for myself.  I am reading a lot.  Blue Like Jazz rocked my world.  Flashbang by Mark Steele is getting up there too.  Um I saw the Butterfly Effect and it is one of my top five movies now.  Netflix is amazing.  I get to watch Boy Meets World and plenty of other movies.  So I was gonna go home, but I am now broke and with gas at almost $3 a gallon i guess i will be staying in Tulsa.  I hate my job mainly bc I don’t like the hierarchy flow.  You have no idea what that means but it’s ok.  Favoritism is running ramped in that place and even though I am part of the good side, I still don’t like it.  Also working at Sonic in Tulsa OK in the summer is Fricking hot.  So hot that everyone gets sick everyday.  It has to get better.  It can’t get worse.  I miss true friendships.  Whatever that means…


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  1. hey i read! 🙂 i just got back from my trip…about medical things…haha…there was this “couselor” there who was 26 and looked a lot like you…so yeah i missed you…ha.

  2. do you just post the same thing in your xanga and your myspace?  i hate myspace.  but i haven’t seen you in ages!  but i guess i’ll see you tomorrow.

  3. no that was aaron.  he’s a friend from the HA, from my undergrad class — i’ve known him for five years.  adam’s in canada right now for a week with his son, visiting his family.
    again superthanks for letting me borrow your car.  you have blessed me so.
    i wish you could’ve gone to church with me.  i went to COTM sat night and on sun night — both amazing.  absolutely amazing.  don’t be too busy to not spend time going to church for yourself.  it’s ok to be selfish there …

  4. so you should really update this every now and then
    if i can’t see you often i should at least read about you.  facebook just doesn’t do that justice. 
    til i visit sonic again.

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