It was the best of times, It was the worst of times…

Best of times=the beach.

I spent two amazing days on the beach.  I pretty much decided that I really wanna live near a beach when I grow up.  First I went to surf side at night with Kristen and Tara.  Did I mention I hate bathing suits?  Well lucky for us that wasn’t a problem… hahahaha.   Check that off my things to do before I die list!  You figure it out.  I also had fun when I went home.  I took my little brother and my friend’s son skating Saturday.  The owner thought I was TJ’s mom so I got in free and TJ called me mom the whole time. I thought it was funny. It was crazy to bring my friend’s sin bc his mom and dad met at the skating rink and now they are married and have him.  I used to skate at that very rink with his parents.  It made me feel real old. And TJ calling me mom didn’t help. Anyway Saturday night my sister told all her friends that she had to stay home and spent time with me before I went to El Salvodor.  So that was cool bc we really aren’t super close, but we spent lots of quality time together this trip.  Church was great.  I told lots of pl about El Salvador and they were so excited for me. I know this is the right thing for me.

Worst of times=the hospital

Pretty much Thursday was one of the top 5 worst days in my life.  Friday I had the tests done and they put me to sleep. I was pretty scared about getting put to sleep for what they called “outpatient surgery.”  Anyway it is over and they removed some polyps. They are sending one off the make sure it ain’t cancerous.  The worst part was that the night before I had to drink two bottles of this nasty crap that was intended to clean out my system.  Well all I got to say about that is that you can’t pay me enough to clean out my system ever again.  I’m pretty sure that was worse than any flu or anything else I ever had to go through.  God I am so glad I don’t ever have to worry about having a kid because that is the only thing I can think of that would be worse than what I experienced.

In other news

I’ve realized how much I’ve grown to love Tulsa. I even miss the Christian Rock station.  I missed it almost as much as I miss my boyfriend and I do miss my boyfriend A LOT!  Also I have worked at Sonic for two days.  They have me making drinks, which doesn’t sound hard, but let me tell you!  Every frickin’ order comes with a drink and I make it.  All day I can never move from that frickin station.  Well I have to go through the bad before I get to what I really want to do and that is carhop then manage then own a store then become a millionaire.  Just kidding. I really have no idea what I am gonna do after El Salvador.  And I miss my boyfriend more than I ever thought was possible.  OK I am gonna shut up now.


6 responses to “It was the best of times, It was the worst of times…

  1. Yeah…that night was effin’ crazy…lol..but tons of fun!!! Well I’m glad hat you and your sistr spent time together while you were ther. I hope that it isn’t cancerous…because I really wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone let alone you. Well I’m glad that you love Tulsa but don’t get too close because we are going to live in Galveston…lol!!! The beach rocks!!! Well I hope all is well…and that you are doing well. Well I am glad that you starting working at Sonic again and you don’t hate it…lol!!! Making drinks is so cool…you get to mix all of htose different kinds everytime…lol!!! Just joshin…I know it sucks!!! Well anyways…I hope to hear from you soon and I will soon update my xanga so you can know what has been going on with me…love you lots and miss you tons!!!
    tara nicole

  2. friday, if there’s no baseball game ~ b&n
    but will you be with dan then?
    i can’t on tuesdays coz i work nights
    i would love to drink coffee and talk bout God

  3. Hi friend! I’m still here.. In Tulsa… well I will be back Monday! I leave at 630 am for a team relief trip to Mississippi!!! Yippee! We’ll have to hang out afterwards! Call me! I always call you!:)

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