Big things going on round here!

No time for real cool writing because I have summer school papers to do, but I do love you all enough to keep you updated.

  • In January I am movin to El Salvador to teach English for ten months. 

  • I have a boyfriend. 

  • I am currently in Tulsa or the summer and fall.

  • I will be working at Sonic across from ORU.

  • This summer I really wanna learn how to play Texas Hold ‘em

  • I joined a church softball team and that makes me happy.

  • I passed my Spanish class and that also makes me happy.

  • I live with Nikki, but she’s gone until June.  So are the rest of my friends (except Jo, but she’s super busy with class now) and my boyfriend is gone to Thailand.  I also have no cable or internet.  Can you say may=lonely for me???

  • I am going to my sister’s graduation in a couple of days.  I can’t believe she’s already graduating.

  • If you are a praying person then you should pray for me because I am going to the hospital when I go home to get some tests run on my stomach.  I don’t like hospitals at all and this is huge scary for me.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


4 responses to “Big things going on round here!

  1. oh
    jessie has a boyfriend
    this makes me happy, eee im so excited for u!!!
    El Salvador?? thats so amazing
    wow, very big things indeed
    and i will be praying for you
    call me so we can hang out when your down

  2. dude I will so pray for you because I totally hate hospitals too…they scare me sh**less…well I hope that you are doing well and everything is going just right for you or in that direction…love ya!!!

  3. 3 hours on the days that i work ~ now that i’m off it’s more like ten hours a day …
    i wish i was that smart.  strat is kicking my bum!  hurry up and get back

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