Dear Xanga,

       Nice to see you in the same condition I left you.  Why are you so appealing to me?  Why do I feel the need to pour out my heart to you and thus entitling the whole XangaLand to see my heart as well?.  Oh xanga I love you and I hate you.  But right now, at this moment, you are what I need.  Major descions are in the process of being made in my life.  Pray for me.  Pray that the Lord gives me clear direction. I am in the middle of teaching an ESL class downtown. It hurts my heart to teach those kids.  God it breaks me.  Could I really do it everyday?  Am I the one for that?  If not that then what? I am at a loss… I am at this point in my life where I just wanna be free.  The other day I was walking out of the GC and this man (about 35 years old) comes skipping out of the GC, yelling “I am free!”  Ok so yeah for you being free dude.  So he says it more than once then he proceeds to tell me why he is free.  Well you see this fellow was gonna be 2 credits short of graduating but instead he somehow changed one of his electives to count even though he had made a “D” in it.  Yippe he now gets to walk in May and be done with this stage of his life.  Oh how I wanted that to be me.  Eight months ago i cried myself to sleep for 33 straight days because I missed this place so much. Now I want more than ever to just get away….far far away.

Dios me encuentra aquí. Encuéntreme donde soy y me muestra donde Usted me necesita ser


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