Gosh guys I don’t know what to say, but I feel as though I have to say something because it has been over a month. I had an amazing break and an even more amazing 22nd birthday.  This break I had to much planned, but my computer died and ruined all my plans.  So basically I just like caught up on so much beauty sleep I could be a frickin’ model.  But yeah now I procrastinate even more as I feel the need to inform the xanga world of my currant life situations.  This week I was called anti-social.  Now usually I guess I would just blow this comment off , but it was made by a guy I had just met once and I thought we had a good conversation.  That thought brings me to case in point. Perception is reality.  Really it is.  So if anyone was wondering…I don’t consider myself anti-social and now because of the power of Myspace messages, I doubt he does either. 

    In other news…I recommend Walk the Line the story of Johnny Cash.  I also recommend reading for pleasure, it rocks my socks off.  And um yeah this guy said “you make time for the things that matter, even if you don’t have it.” i agree with that.  And one last thing:  Drink lots of water and let your friends know you care.


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  1. That is amazing that you found that, considering that i totally forgot about it. Could you send me in an email what i wrote exactly? That would be really cool. I’m currently in a community college to get my basic courses out of the way …inexpensively. I am pursueing an art degree so I’m planning on attending University of North Texas once I get out of here :)johanna

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