Dear Xanga,

       The most exciting thing that has happened since we’ve last met is my baby sister was born.  February 8 Zoey Renee Berzas was born.  So far I heard she’s a good kid.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading for pleasure lately.  I don’t wanna become a “starving baker.”  (if you don’t know what that is just ask).  I read Buck-Naked Faith and Messy Spiritually both of which seriously rocked my world and changed my view that Christianity  fits into this little box.  Sure put you can out Christians in a box, but make sure it’s a big one.  Well ok that’s kinda what I got from these books.  They are a lot alike and really flow together well.  So that’s my recommends  for improving your life. Do with it what you’d like.

     There’s good news and there’s bad news.  Good news is that I am over my “Crush.”  A good friend gave me some good advice.  Basically he said that people change and if I were to expect them to accept the changing that I have made then I was to accept the change in them.  And then he told me that I am hanging on the the past and to what (my crush) used to be.  I realized that all he said was totally true and right then and there I decided that holding on to what that person was will never change who he is.  So I’m really really over him.  Now for the bad news:  we aren’t even friends.  I guess I am OK with that because we’ve both changed and I can move on with new friends.  I guess really what I am having a hard time with is that I knew somethings would change and others would stay the same, but it’s the things that I thought would stay the same but have changed which really bother me.  Ok well I guess it’s about time I get used to change. Thanks for listening.

     Also here are some words that I discovered I really like:  Intriguing, Vindicated, Multifaceted, Plethora.  All of which spell check had to fix.  So I’m thinking that there will be a day when I learn how to spell. Perhaps that day shall also come when I learn how to make my subject and verbs agree in tenses.

     Times are stressful because I am working three jobs, studying like crazy, and contemplating the next move I need to make in this game called life.  But on the flip side, I am also cultivating relationships, learning some new and exciting words, and falling more in love with the Lord each day.  So all in all I have finally subjected myself to a life of balance, for now anyway.


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  1. wow jessie I am very happy for you…I’m glad that your life is seeming to turn into what you wanted. I am rying to get over my crush or my ex, which ever you prefer to call him. I know its hard. I know that I shouldn’t want to be with im because of all the drugs and other stuff he does but I just do. I beleive sooner then later I will get over hima nd move on with my life. Well God Bless You!!

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