Oh how I love Simple Plan.  All their songs seem to reach me and this one is no exception. Another thing I love is the ORU missions blogring bc everyone knows that missions people are amazing people slash crazy lovers of Jesus.  While reading this ring I found the following on Steve Twyman’s site

 “God is there. Through thick and thin; God is there. No matter if you have been living a life serving Him or not. For the atheist, the buddhist, the muslim, the agnostic, the nihlist, the christian, the modernist, and the humanist, God is there. In those times when you lay and wonder if anybody cares, wonder if there is anything more to life; He is there. God’s love will never stop, never waiver. It is annoying. You can’t do anything about it. Whether you like it or not, He will love you to the core. Nothing you can say or do will ever be able to change that. Accept it.

Once you have finally realized this fact, life will finally be alive. The kind of alive where every minute is worth living for. The kind of alive that drips of adventure. The kind of alive that loves and loves and loves until it can love no more. The kind of alive that legends are made of. This is the kind of life that I am looking for. This is the life that God has offered to me. I look it in the face and I say bring it on; I am ready to live that adventure. I am ready to serve my God.”

I counldn’t have said it better myself.  This is just what I needed to “hear” to get me through these next five weeks.


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  1. I commented back to your comment on my site so other readers could see my reply! Thanks for your comments, I hope I anwered your question. If you have any more let me know! God Bless, Nolan

  2. i love seeing you randomly at church and at sonic 🙂
    im gonna miss you when you go back 2 ORU
    has J ever e-mailed u back? he wasent at church sunday so im wondering if he is even coming down
    so i hope i see u friday, love you dear
    oh yeah, i love simple plan 2

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