I quit my job finally.  There was a lot of drama going down there and I just finally could not be a part of that place anymore.  One of my favorite pl got mad at me for something I didn’t do.  We are cool now and stuff, but it was just a lot of things building up and they all came this past week.  So Sunday night I told Rocky to make it my last night.  It was hard. Shoot yeah it was crazy hard to leave a place that I have been at for 6 years, but I had to do it.  I start at Sonic tomorrow. I will be working with my sister Amber.  I really don’t need to work bc I have all the money and stuff, but I can’t imagine just staying home for 2 months and chillin with the fam.

My Car

About 3 hours ago my dumb self was driving in Louisiana rain.   Now I say Louisisana rain bc I think our rain is different than anywhere else in the world.  Ok so the rain is coming hard and I am about to exit on the #36.  Well the car in front of my was gonna exit too apparently bc she put on the blinker.  Well it is raining pretty crazy but not crazy enough for me to tell that this chick just missed to exit and was still gonna turn.  So I did what Drivers Ed 101 says not to do and slam on the brakes.  That little foot action sent me spinning off the highway and into a nicely grouped bunch of trees.  But no it doesn’t stop there.  I just kept going through the trees until finally my car hits the mother of all trees which caused me to spin almost into a 360.  But alas I was stopped.  So if you can about imagine I am shaking like a rattlesnake here, but proceed to get out my car to assess the situation.  Here it was: I was in the wrong direction that I needed to be in.  I could barley open my door. And oh yea I could barly see the highway bc I was so far down a flippin’ hill. Then I did what any girl would do…I sat on my hood and cried.  After regrouping my thoughts I decided to try to get myself out this hole.  I had to take my shirt off to wipe the mud off my windshield.  With a lot of praying finally got out.  You don’t understand…my car gets stuck everywhere.  This was a miracle.  Ok this is getting long so I am gonna wrap up. So I go to a truck stop and call my sister to come follow me home.  I just wanna go home, but my mother insists on coming.  To make matters worse my sister is in a bad mood and my mom yells at me too to put me in a bad mood.  So I make it home and I am sure it will cost mucho dollars to fix my baby.  There are two dents on my side. One that doesn’t enable me to open the door very well and one that makes the back tire bad.  But other than that everything is fine. I am fine…no glass broken…no ticket. 

Ps 37:17 “For the arms of the wicked shall be broken,But the LORD upholds the righteous.”



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  1. hey! i’m doing alright… just trying to get used to it all really. I just moved here about two months ago from idaho. I ‘ve been visiting for almost two years though. how about you? thanks for the comments, i’m glad you like them. and I’m just like you I have to change my layout all the time and i’m soo horribly picky lol. thats why I started my own layout page because it took me forever to find good layouts so I just learned how to make them so I could make a whole site with good ones! lol… well anyhow check back often because I add new layouts daily, whenever I dont its because im doing request layouts! So yeah I make a lot lol ❤
    ~*~ AbbY ~*~

  2. I tried to call you two days ago and your phone gave me a weird message. I just wanted to say hello. I am glad you’re ok. I love you!

  3. hey!! an update! Good for you you quit, ha. I was freaking out during your entire post about your car, i was like she didn’t die, and she has to be ok, if she is updating this. So i am glad you are ok!! well i got separted from my friends in Bio. possibly for talking too much, yes, me, ha. so that’s kind of sad, for me. Other then that i am pretty good.

  4. I keep trying to call you too, but I’ve been getting a lot of funny messages with your phone… “This number is not in service”  “This number has been disconnected” and similar such things. SO you might have to try calling me back again. I’ll keep trying you too. I definitely want you to come see me. We’ll talk schedules. LOTS OF LOVE

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