Update on my life

   Since I last posted in xangaland a lot has happened. First of all I went back to Louisiana on Tuesday. I had to come home and work. My boss called Sunday at 5pm and said if I wanted my job I had to be to work by Monday at 11am. Well I told him that that was impossible and that the soonest I could be there was Wed and I still wasn’t sure if I would have electricity by then. So we left it at that. He never said “don’t bother coming back” or anything like that. So Tuesday I called to check if I was to work at 10 or 11 the next morning and Rocky the manager said I was fired. I was like what the heck you can’t fire me! So he talked to the owner (Ken) and then told me to come in and talk to Ken Thursday morning about coming back to work. So then I thought for the rest of my drive home if I really wanted to go back to work or if I just wanted to pack my things and move to Tulsa. I thought a lot. BTW the usual trip of 10 hours took me 15 because I was throwing up on the side of the road almost hourly and no this time it was not because I had an dairy products I just think I had a 24 hour bug or maybe bc I drank after so many people while I was in Tulsa. Any way the next day I slept all day and thought real hard about not going back to work because I didn’t feel like I should have to beg for my job back. So that night I was going up there to tell him that I didn’t want to work there anymore and he had already put me on the schedule. I didn’t have to beg for my job so I just worked and that is what I have been doing lately. working and sleeping. no reading. no contact with real human life outside of work except for Jeremy…who will be explained in the next section.

“The Chase”

        I always thought that boys chased the girls and then got tired of them. So these poor little girls got all excited and then got their hearts broken by these horrible thrill seeking boys. Yep that’s how I always thought it went. This week I proved my own self wrong. There is this guy Jeremy. I worked with him at Fausto’s when I was in high school. He liked me then. Things went on and we flirted at work and yeah I guess I sorta liked him too. Then I got into church and changed a lot. Then he moved out of state and I moved to Tulsa. Well last summer he was working for my daddy and found out I was in town. So he stalked me. He called my house, left notes on my car and then even went to my work. So I went out with him and it was ok. He would come over after work and watch TV with me and my family. Sometimes he’d eat supper at the house. Then I left to go to Maryland and we both moved on. So now this summer I don’t even think about him until one day….he ate at Fausto’s. He saw me and asked for my number. I was kinda excited. I mean he’s really really cute and sweet and was fun to hang out with. Then I went to his house one night and watched TV. nothing special. then I went the next night too. still nothing special. So this boy calls me and text messeges me a lot. Saturday was my day off and I went to his house again. This time I was going crazy. The whole time I was thinking “what the heck and I doing here?” I finally left and decided that I just don’t think I like him. It is kinda weird because I have liked him in the back of my mind for so long and now I think just because he wants me so bad I really don’t want him anymore. All I got to say about this is good thing I work a lot. It’s a great excuse. Moral of the story: girls can break hearts too.


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  1. jessie berz the heartbreaker
    so yeah.  new boy in life eh?
    you’re going to have to give me details later.
    one day when you’re not at work and you’re not at this boys house watching tv

  2. Jessie, I am glad that you decided to stay and work at Fausto’s. Down here is getting a lot better. Lately we have been ginished closing about 9:30 or 9:40. Well I am glad that you decided that you really don’t like Jeremy, Yeah I found out that nIck has a girlfriend.SO i am way over that. Well more lata.

  3. jessie…i always knew you were a heartbreakin’ tease… hahajust kidding…its not that people break hearts for fun..it just takes time to decide you dont really like someone..its life..hope you let him down gently.. :)by the way:MOVE BACK TO TULSA… are you gonna come back to stjames?

  4. i would like to come eat gumbo with you. i am coming to lake charles soon to work and i would like to eat some gumbo. can i eat gumbo with you? i’ll be in lake charles monday.

  5. jess! how the heck are you? well, apparently you’re really busy and beating the hot guys off with a stick. Don’t work yourself to death and please be safe and careful. if you come to tulsa soon, we should prolly try to have a real conversation… cos last time that didnt really work out haha. have a good week.

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