I am in Tulsa.  I have a great story about how I got here, but I am not in the mood to post a great story so instead I will write how I feel…

    I have missed my friends like crazy over the last few months. I am so so so very amazingly happy to see them all and hug them all even though I don’t like hugs all that much.  I have enjoyed just being around this city, the university and the Christian people.  Hurricane Rita has hit.  The news hasn’t said much about Louisiana.  Last I heard it was heading for Port Arthur, Tx. which is so close to Kevin’s house for those of you who know him.  Anyway they showed a pic of Lake Charles (35 miles from my house) and it looked much like New Orleans (under water).  They have a dusk till dawn curfew there.  I live in this little town and everything we need is in Lake Charles…walmart, food, mall, cell phone service, etc.  This makes me sad. My uncle stayed in Kinder and he said that both my mom and dad’s house is fine.  My daddy lives on a county road and my uncle had to cut 2 trees in order to get to the house.  Trees can still fall on the houses and stuff.  The electric company said we could be out for 1-3 weeks.  I am not going back until we have electricity if Angie lets me stay with her that long.  I don’t wanna ever go back…really I don’t. I just wanna stay here forever with my friends who are nice to me. I love it here. The only thing that could make this any better was if Liz were here too.  not possible at the moment…To all my friends in Tulsa: thanks for loving me and if ya haven’t seen me yet give me a holla ain’t like I have anything to do…



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  1. Hey. Kutless sings Grace and Love. I’m really sorry I didn’t get the chance to really talk to you the other night. I was kinda out of it. And I’ve been in a funky mood all day. Really tired. Unfortunately I can’t seem to take naps. Anyway, it was so good to see you for what little time I got. Keep me updated!

  2. I was in cpo the other day picking up a package and i looked over and saw a package with your name on it … i am not sure if it is still there but it could be, and if you are in wonderful tulsa maybe you could get it… im not sure how that works and all but still it could eat up some time. i will check to see if it is still there on monday and i will let you know.

  3. Hey Jessie, I’m glad that you got out of there alright. I miss talkin gto you about stuff. i’m glad that you got to see all of your wonderful friends. Hope that your house is alright and so is your family. Write me back, Love ya.

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