Yesterday I stayed up a lot of the night and watched TV.  Everything was about Katrina.  I saw the horrible pictures of what is left of the city.  %80 of the city was under water. The city that I grew up in.  I returned to New Orleans about 6 weeks ago. That was my first time in 10 years. I saw many new and beautiful places. Now it saddens me to think that those new places and all the old ones that were so much a part of my childhood are now gone.  I can’t fully express my feelings right now.  Katrina has affected my state so much.   I just can’t understand it all.  So many lives gone…so many other lives facing abrupt changes.  There are so many people from New Orleans staying in the same hotel as me.  Every night when I come home from work they are talking outside their room.  Each night a different church offers a free meal.  The whole city is offering free admission to their zoos, aquariums, and recreational gyms to all residents from Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.  Bush says that recovery could take months or years, but psychologically they may never recover.  I am sad…really really sad to say the least.



I am a manager. A real manager at Fausto’s Restaurant.  I have never had so many people want me in my life. Every day I hear about 15 people call my name all day; each wanting something different from me.  And I love it!  I am staying here until I go back to school. Tomorrow I  will move in with Tara, Alexis and their family. I work with them at Fausto’s. they are 16 and 18.  When I thought Sunday was my last day I told everyone.  They were sad.  At night when we closed, people that were off came back to tell me bye.  Then Mr. Ken and I got into a big fight because I wanted to stay one more week.  So he told me to stay forever.  I didn’t think he really meant it, so I packed my bags like I was leaving.  Monday morning Mike ( the general manager and his son) called me to his office.  He was so happy. He said Ken said I could keep you! Let’s talk about your responsibilities my new manager and let’s find you place to live.  It all happened so fast.  But today Mr. Ken said I can only stay for 2 weeks because I have to open more stores.  That made me made, but Mike said that if he has anything to do with it I am staying until I want to leave. My folks of course don’t care that I am staying. My grandpa of course think s I am foolish and I need to go back to Kinder.  But really I don’t care what they think.  Sunday will be my second day off since I’ve been here (3 ½ weeks)  I plan on going to church and then to Galveston.  Well I have to pack my bags now.  I miss my friends…


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  1. hey guess what. i have news for you. so i’ll call you and hopefully reach you. thats cool youre a manager. good job. come back to oru.

  2. hey its me again, if you are in Galveston now, i suggest you leave or that general area, b/c my parents are saying it might hit there…. and you know what my parents do….i don’t want you to die…. and get on some time!! I miss talking to you!

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