I feel the need to update.  I have been working like crazy.  This restaurant is so busy.  I worked open to close for 5 days in a row.  That’s about 13 hours a day.  Those were some long, hot days.  In Louisiana the kitchen is separate from where I work.  Over here it is not.  Yeah so it gets hecka hot at work.  So then Tuesday I got off at 5pm.  I found myself to Wal-Mart then went home.  By 9pm I was out.  I woke up at 3pm the next day.  The other trainer from Kinder (Lane) called me.  We drove the 10 miles to the beach and just rode around.  Then I went back to my hotel slash home and ordered me a movie off the TV.  It was “The Wedding Date.”  I really enjoyed that movie and would recommend it. 

     So Thursday I went back to work.  It is very stressful and I really needed that day off. The owner, Ken Karr, is like the biggest jerk ever.  He was mad at Michael (the manager) for giving me a day off and said I can’t have another one for the rest of my time here. I can’t do anything right. I work my tail off and he still yells at me and makes me cry at least once a day since I have been here.  So I just keep thinking, gotta make money gotta go back to school so I can be the boss one day and never get yelled at again.  Yeah that is what I think…that is the only thing that gets me through.  The manager, Michael, is his son.  The two are total opposite in their management styles.  I aspire to me like Michael one day.  He wants me to stay here until I go back to school.  I would.  It is so beautiful here.  The beach is only 15 mintunes away.  Galveston is 30 miles and Houston is 45.  I really really like it and they have a good school system.  Maybe one day I could live here.  Mrs. Bonnie (Ken’s wife and Michael’s mom) wants me to stay here too until I go back to school in the spring.  She is looking for me a place to live because this hotel would be way to much for 4 more months. I miss my friends…that would be you guys…


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  1. jessy, its pretty weird not seeing you around campus, i miss ya. Sounds like work is really had but that the location is pretty sweet. Armor is freakin amazing this year I wish you were here to see what it is becoming, men of armor are becoming some of the biggest men of god on campus, it really is amazing and god is good. Anyways just wanted to say hey, and hope to see you next semester. your friend and brother winger jarrod

  2. aww i miss you babe… the floor is soo different this year it makes me kinda sad… its kinda segregated between old and new girls… armor really is amazing this year… i excited to meet some of the new guys… nursing is going pretty good so far…. why didnt you come back…ive just decided that i am mad at you for not being here… i wanna talk to you…

  3. I love you Jessie. It’s so weird reading about your current life. It makes me happy knowing you work so hard for what you want… I just wish it would be alittle easier for you. I miss you girl… I miss you living next door! Can’t wait to see you again someday….. Jen

  4. Hey Jessie!  I just wanted to see how you and your family are!  I’m praying for yall!  Keep us updated!  We love you!!!

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