I should be in Tulsa right now, but I am not.  I will not be returning to ORU this fall. I will be back in the spring and take the first two sessions of summer school.  Then I will walk next May. . I will miss my friends like crazy. I already do.  What I will be doing is working.  I will be working at the resturant that I worked for in High school (Fausto’s).  I will work 55 hours a week.  I will make $550 a week.  Tomorrow morning I leave to go to Lake Jackson, Tx.  I will be there for a month. They are putting me in a hotel and paying for it.  I love hotels. They are opening a new Fausto’s and I will train all the workers.  I will enjoy that because I love to teach people things I know. I did this once before in Bridge City, TX the summer before I went to ORU.  I will be off on Weds and Suns.  I will work with my youth group.  We have about 250 adults in church and 70 in youth.  Only about 15 are from “churched” familes.  I will enjoy my time with my church family.

          OK so I needed a lot of money and I didn’t get it. but ya know, I am not mad at God.  I don’t feel like He failed me.  I mean gosh He has all the money in the world.  If He wanted to give me the money to go back to ORU He could have found a way.  No doubt about that.  He did it for so many other people, I know He could have done it for me.  But He had other plans.  This summer has been the hardest summer of my life… I have learned so much about myself, my family, christians, christianity (sp?) and about God…As I embark on this journey for the next couple of months I will no doubt learn a few more things.  I will be sure to share those discoveries to all my xanga buddies.  See you guys in 20 weeks and 2 days…

Don’t forget me, Love ya lots

Jessica Eve Berzas, the one and only


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  1. Hey Jess, im looking forward to reading about those experiences. I’m sorry the money ddin’t come thru, but I am excited to see yo this spring. we’ll keep in touch fo’ sho’. *hugg* love ya lots Jess! way tobe strong in your faith. I always admired how you were always strong in your faith. take care and don’tworry, i wont become a poser +o_O+

  2. hey jess, i’m glad the Lord gave you peace about the entire situation.  it all works out perfectly in His hands.  so it’ll be good.  in 20 weeks, i’ll see you. 
    til then, work hard, run after the Lord, and keep your eyes focused on Him. 
    love you much.
    call me whenever you get reception

  3. i won’t forget you! Can’t wait to see you though. Maybe you’ll meet your husband while you’re working this fall!!   +SMILE1+
    Who knows?? But He’s got it in control! Love ya girlie!

  4. Hey lets look on the bright side here. You’ll be that much closer to me in Tennessee!!!    +SMILE3+ I love you girl, and hope to talk to you soon.

  5. I’ll miss you. I feel like crying, one because when you return I will have graduated and two, because you have grown so much since the first time I met you…. so so weird.. I didn’t think I’d like you, but I LOVE you so much! I will definitely miss you a ton! Praise Jesus for Xanga, I definitely am glad we have it. I will definitely stay in touch! Love ya LOTS! Jen

  6. Berzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, what is a young hobbit on full armor to do without my favorite sister winger. Im so sad that you won’t be here to share the joys of good old oral roberts. Ill miss you and your smile, ill be counting the days till your return in the spring. God bless talk to you soon

  7. jessie berzas…i miss you.. theres no one to run and jump on me when i walk on the floor…no one who eats nasty food that i can make fun of.. jkno one to talk to when ive bored alissa to death talking…no i didnt tell michelle you arent coming back… i havent actually gone to work yet… hahayou should feel blessed that so many people miss you… itll be nice to see ya in a few months…love ya… heather

  8. hey jessie well its good to hear that all its going goood for you.  well enjoy the hotel life  its fun for a while but its nice just to come home i know i lived in a hotel for about 9 weeks  in mississippi while leon was in AIT and the when we moved to  fort sill ,ok  then the  army put us up in a hotel for about 6days so i have had my share but i agree hotels are nice to just relax so enjoy it   bye bye   love lily

  9. well, i am sorry you will not be at ORU this year, maybe you some how can come to MD. I guess now all of your other friends will be like me, ha. Haven’t seen you in a year, but we will meet again. Still keep in touch with me, as i am sure you will.

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