Gosh guys it has been a while. I am no longer parents free. So now I sleep all day and watch TV slash work on my SR. paper all night. I also play a lot of free Texas Hold ’em at partypoker.com. I think I’m a natural. I am really starting to hate my job, no I take that back. I love my job, but I hate that fact that everyone gets away with doing nothing. OK enough complaining, so I went to New Orleans. I went to meet my mom, brother and sister. We went shopping and stuff. I lived in New Orleans until I was 11. This is the first time I have been back since I was 13. My mom showed me a lot of places that have changed since I last seen them. My grandma’s house that she lived in for 30 years looks so different.  They had many good places to eat. I really miss living there even though I am not a city person. I hate Kinder. I wanna go back to school so bad. I have no idea what happens after ORU. I make all these plans and say all these things because those are the things I want to happen. Plus I am not the type of person to say “I have no idea what I’m going to do.” I have to have an idea. I have to know what I am gonna do. The only thing I will miss about this summer is the money I made. I really can’t wait to go back to school and see all my friends. Beware I may even hug you…all of you.

Berz Out!


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  1. i am not sure i know you well enough to except a hug, it really takes me along time to get there. I am really not a hugs kinda person, but i guess if it happens I have been warned

  2. I wish that is two weeks I could get a Jessie hug!   +T_T+ Come and visit me in Tennessee – I’ll take you skiing!!!  +SNOW+
    Love, Love, Love!!!!  +HEARTSTICK+

  3. Well Jess–
    I’m sure your not the only one whose life isn’t all planned out. I’m in the same boat. You’ve got some time to figure it out. Tulsa is waiting with open arms!!

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