For the next two point five weeks I will be living on my own.  Not exactly alone, but still parents free.  Here’s the deal: my mom and stepdad will be in New Orleans and mother needs someone to “house sit”  That would be where I come into play.  So yeah me and my 17 yr old sissy will be living it up without the rents for almost three weeks.  If you’re in the neighborhood stop by or give me a holla 918-261-8581.  There is sure to be parties everynight with loud music and everything else that parents object to.  Since I am 21 now I can drink up them kegs.  So I won’t be writing much…I imagine it might be hard to type when your plastered. 

    For those of you who don’t know me, I was totally kidding about the party part. But for serious now, since I am in town I have cell phone service.  That means I can hear your voice over the phone.  That’s right I mean you.  So call.  I miss ORU.  Can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by.  I guess that is what happens when you spend the first month of it in another country. 

Peace and Love,

Jessie B.


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  1. Hey Jesse. Good to hear about your summer. Hope the parents-free situation works out i should come over. Ill bring a beer bong slash just kidding. See you in the FAAAAAAALLLLL!!!!!!

  2.  I miss you. I wish all the girls were here. I have a few girls aroung, but more would be better. The Imago support system.
    I am having a crazy week. All about “change”. About time. Thinking about what God really wants from me… and then going through with it

  3. i miss me some jessie b.  i got your message and found block’s site.  that’s HECKA CRAZY.  the world has officially ended or something.  next we’ll see if doop will conform.
    call you later this week maybe. 

  4. Hey chica. Good to hear from you through your xanga. Thanks for all your help earlier this summer.  Oh yeah so Kurt and I are engaged…hehe….another one bites the dust. 

  5. ya im talkin about DC camp its an awsome place been goin there for about 12 yrs.
    the song is called La Tortura  by Shakira
    so you go to oru also a good place i have alot of friends that go there i wanted to go myself but the Lord has a diff plan for me… i really wanted to go but im sure you dont want to hear that
    well have a blessed day nice to kinda meet you……

  6. hey gurl….yeha I live i Kadan, close to Prague….
    u were at Brno? how did u like the Czech Republic?
    well yeha my friend as somewhere close to new Orleans and she really loved lousiana!:)
    i was in Kansas….it was better than I expected!:)

  7. hey girl, i’ve never actually been to your site, it’s a fly setup you got goin on Ireland meets Avril, really hot. forrealthough–i’m gonna do the whole offcampus thing this year, save some cash, get a car. it’s crazy how God comepletely steps in & changes your life-ready or not–so that’s what’s up followin’ Christ waiting on him to make another move, but i’ll see you around campus. [by the way your emoticons are freaky ie. this one   +AXE+ ]

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