Hello out there!

      I put my new skin up because of my newfound knowledge of all the hip hop stars…I have nothing to do all day except watch there lives portrayed on my TV screen day in and day out.  Oh these lonely summer days…. Anyway I will sure to change it soon when I get tired of the music that comes with it or when I find something more meaningful that expresses me.  Life hasn’t changed much in the last week. I am writing more poetry and stuff, which makes me happy bc for a long time I had stopped.  Today is my one day off a week.  This is how I spent it. I went to bed at 2am (2 hours earlier than usual).  I woke up at 8am to workout with Sharon Manning from fit.tv.  Then I went for a 3 mile walk slash jog.  Then I showered and took my sister to her mom’s house.  We were locked out, so she decided that I should climb through the window.  This took a lot of talent.  I had to stand on my 17 yr old sister’s shoulders.  I made it in, but not without hitting my head pretty hard on the ledge.  I started seeing spots, but after long they went away.  Grateful that that was over I headed to the city.  After a few “adventures” (um getting lost) I made it to the city library. I spent hours engulfed in the treasures of the shelves.  Then I headed to Starbucks to work on my Sr. Paper slash figure out my life.  I have been here for 5 hours and no I have not figured out my life yet…I thought if I sat here long enough my future would come to me, but five hours and two latte’s later I chose to update my xanga.  Ok so I will end this mega long post with a question then poem. 

What are your thoughts on tattoo’s?  Would you get one?  If so, what and where?


     Someday I will not let the ways of this world or circumstances of my life dictate my expressions, feelings or emotions. I will stop trying to be something that I am not just to please my parents.  I will trust people.

     Someday I will stop living with one foot in and one foot out.  I will do what I know is right.  I will live for Him and only Him.

       Someday I will stop looking for love and be content with the love that He has already provided.  I will stop wasting my time on people who don’t respect it.  I will wait for God’s timing.

     Someday I will let the Jesus inside of me come out without caring what people think.  I will be nicer, friendlier, more tactful. I will love like Jesus did.

     But when will Someday come?  I want that day…I need that day.  I need Someday to be Today.



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  1. hey thanks for your comment… yes i am going to be in claudius …ummm all i know is that i’m on the 2nd floor, 247, right across from the bathroom.. and i’m not sure i know exactly what a wing is or what mine is called..lol… i just spent the last 2 yrs. in ms. at a college.. right now i live in ks, a year before that i lived in ny, and before that was tulsa (my mom went to oru), and memphis…. talk to ya later…don’t get too bored at starbucks!!!  -christian 
    p.s. where did you put a tv in your dorm in claudius? the outlets are in really weird places… : )

  2. so maybe some tattoos may look good on hot sexy bodies. but what happens 20 or 40 years later when the hot sexy body becomes an old and wrinkly body? then tattoos look disgusting. just think of an old grandma with a questionably placed tattoo. nasty.
    i like the poem though.

  3. as you might have guessed, i am all for tatoos. I figure your body is a temple, you might as well put some banners and stuff up. For me they will have to bring glory to God. I want to get a dove and flame on my lower chest,a blue star of david with the red greek letter alpha inside of it on my right wrist, and a red cross with a blue greek letter omega on the inside of my left wrist… hopefully i will have all of these in the next year… i cant wait

  4. well you already know this, but still get that error thing. i am with the zak guy. you don’t want that when you are old. why do you need something permanent to show that you love him? i guess so you can always look down and think wow, he died for me. now i have to live for him. and i wouldn’t want to waste my money. yeah you already heard what else i said. Nice poem. maybe that day will come next thursday.

  5. im getting on  the day after graduation
    i think there fine as long as your getting them because you want to not just because you wanna be cool
    which you already are you lil ORU HOTTIE!
    lol sorry, love you jessie

  6. What’s up Jesse??? I want a tattoo right on my BUTT!!! Okay maybe not, I do want one on my ankle. I was thinking a Cross, but make it look super cool. I need to cover up that wack smily face!
    I hope your summer’s still great. Miss ya lots and we’ll see each other soon. We can work out together!!! YEA!! Train for the BIG run!

  7. I like tatoos and I have one on the right side of my lower back.  It’s an R with stars around it.  I will definitely give you Lili’s email when I find it  🙂

  8. Dale is there.  and the girl who has 1st grade boys this year has a little crush on him too!!!  That boy!  What will we do with him!  Love you Jessie!!!    +HEART-2+

  9. hey jessie.. sorry i havent called or commented.. ive had a busy summer…
    i miss ya though…. alot to talk about when i get back to school… 🙂
    love ya have a great summer..

  10. i used to want a turtle tattooed onto the inside of my left ankle.  i even had a sketch of it.  but then my friend told me about her nana that had a tattoo on her ankle but it is now on the bottom of her heel because of her wrinkly skin.  so…i never got one.
    anyways.  i miss your face. 
    happy fourth yo.

  11. There was about a year of my life where I would have been inked on any weekend if I could have decided on something that I liked enough to keep it in the same place for the rest of my life. I went through various crosses and stars and greek or hebrew coolnesses and in the end I decided that I’m just too fickle for a tatoo. Life is change and I can’t imagine for myself any external eternal that could be on my bod. All of the eternal I have is on the inside. But that’s just me.

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