Lots of changes are happening inside and out.  I cut my hair.  I didn’t think I cut that much off until I started looking at old pics.  It still sits on top of my shoulders, but i now have bangs.  I kinda look punk rockerish.  That is how I best feel inside, so now I look like it on the outside. 

   On the inside I am sad.  This boy that was in my class died.  His 4 wheeler flipped on him and he broke his neck.  He was an Indian and my stepmom’s cousin.  His death has brought so many questions to my head.  I have always heard people say “you never know when you will die”  but this really made me think about that.  Not for myself, but for others.  I mean I went to highschool with this kid.  We were in the same class.  I talked to him.  Did I tell him about Jesus, through my words or actions?  I don’t think so…I really have no idea.  I went to the Czech.  The youth there were so bold.  Everyone there was so bold about Jesus.  I want that…I wanna be like that. It may be too late for the people I had connections with in Highschool, but not for the others I may meet along the way.  This guy came to work last night and just sat at a table with me while i was on my break. I don’t know him, but that is not uncommon in Louisiana.  Anyway he started talking to me.  Even when he realized that I don’t talk much, he still tried to find common ground with me.  Eventually he led the converstation into God.  I thought to myself “Wow, this man can talk to a total stranger about God with no fear or hesitation”.  When will I be able to do that?


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  1. aww, that is sad. I would love to do that too. especially with the friend who i was telling you about and all my other friends who d o not believe in him. and yeah some random person to would be cool. i think your time will come eventually. if you ever go to lawton, tell her to visit me.

  2. you will be able to do that!
    come to warriors for Christ with me next year. We meet on Friday nights at 6 pm.

  3. Where’s the pic of your new hairdo??? I want to see it! I miss ya girl! I hope everything will be okay. You’ve had a CRAZY summer! I’m here to listen if you need to talk! Well how’s the running coming? Wanna run the Tulsa Run with me? That’ll be 50 intramural points!!! I think you should. We can do it together!!! 100 points for Imago!! Let me know what you think. You need to be up to 3.5-4 miles this week. You have 1 hour. No problem, right?

  4. Hey, I have enjoyed reading your entries (I saw your subscription on Joy Abbott’s xanga).  You write very well.  As for your thought: “Did I tell him about Jesus, through my words or actions?”  It is ironic because I was just talking to my friend about sharing your faith the other day.  I do not like to think of it as my responsibility to speak out about how much I love Jesus.  Sure, I guess you could say we are called to do that, but I think focusing too much on that can get to be a burden (especially if you start to get anxious and hung up on that — not to say that you are at all!!  just sharing!!).  Ultimately, our “responsibility” is just to love Jesus.  The rest will come.  If we are keeping in step with the Spirit, our obedience to Him will come naturally.  I may never be the kind of person who starts talking to a person I don’t know in a restaurant… but I am sure I could be if God told me to.  The Lord also embraces your individuality and the way He has created you to share your faith in a way that others may not (to reach people, that others may not).  I think boldness can come in ways much unexpected.  🙂

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