Things causing me great distress:

  1. My stepmom is gonna have another baby. That will make 7 kids total.
  2. Working 13 hour days.
  3. My dad and stepmom quit smoking and are very grouchy bc of this.
  4. Only having Dial-up at my house.
  5. Living in the country with no cell phone service and being so far away from people.
  6. My grandpa died Tuesday. 

More on those things later…

     So I decided to take this quiz online.  I will put the whole quiz up when I learn how, but I  was very surprised to see Catholic at the bottom. I talked to a friend today who made sense.  He said that I don’t have to be Catholic just because my family is.  He was like: It’s not a race.  You are born black and you can’t change that.  You don’t always have to be Catholic.  I decided that he is right like usual.  I went to my first funral.  It was of course Catholic and almost everything they did, I didn’t agree with. So I guess that settles it…I will no longer me Catholic…

      You are a charismatic or pentecostal believer. You believe in the primacy of spiritual gifts and the importance of renewal of the body of Christ. You are likely to be suspicious of or even hostile to older non-charismatic churches and revival is high on your list of priorities. You are a firm believer that God’s Spirit is as active today as in biblical times and you are likely to devote less time to academic study of the Bible and theology.

 PS.  Matt says my Louisiana accent has come back. If you wanna hear what a country hick really sounds like, give me a holla


10 responses to “

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your Grampa!  Let me know if there is anything I can do!  I’m praying for you!  Love from Iowa!  +HEART-2+

  2. sweet jessie realizes she is charismatic not catholic. although i forgot to mention michael jackson made race change possible. and gender. what a freak.

  3. jessie b – i have really got to call you to get a taste of that southern lousiana talk.  hmmm.  i kinda wish i had 13 hour days—that way i’d have money instead of sitting around all day wasting away.  or maybe not.  anyways, i can’t believe you just now decided to drop being catholic.  which i think is kind of interesting.  i mean, i grew up southern baptist, but i would no longer call myself southern baptist no more.  actually i don’t call myself anything.  i just believe what i believe.  yo. 
    so anways, i have to call you sometime.  before more drama happens.  or you can call me when you get in the area where you get some reception.

  4. hey that’s not good your distresses. My grandpop died in Nov. I don’t think you should become Catholic. I would call but i don’t have any minutes. and you don’t have any cell phone service so you can’t call me. sad.

  5. Don’t be a stranger Berz, I need something stimulating to infuse my otherwise “meaningless” days with :p.
    Sory to hear about your grandpa.

  6. Hi! How’s everything going. It’s weird to be back in the U.S. huh? Don’t worry you’ll see us Imago Girls soon! I miss living on the floor. I feel like I have places to stay, but not really anywhere to call home. I miss you and I hope everything will get better.   +HEART-2+

  7. awww Jessie!   +FLOWER+ I hope your summer goes well. Do you get on instant messenger? From the above comments, the phone doesn’t sound like a good option, and we should talk sometime!

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