Here are some pictures of my trip.  My many thoughts and ramblings are sure to come later.

This is part of my team after travling for 17 hours.  We were happy because we knew that soon we would board that bus in the back and sleep!

This picture was taken at the top of a castle. It is an overview of the city of Brno.  That was our base city.

I love this picture.  At first it just looks like a bunch of people on a tram.  Look closer.  Most of those kids are in the youth group.  In the right a boy is playing a guitar.  Out of that guitar came worship music.  Now look at everyone’s faces. That was an amazing night.  Worshipping God on a public tram in the middle of the Czech Republic.

Those are my pals modeling the newest shades of Europe.  Watch out, in a year or so they may be all the rage in America.

If you ever wondered what Czech students looked like, here they are. Notice they are all super skinny.  It is because they walk everywhere!!!  I am sure my team logged at least 3 miles a day.  It was ok.  I actullly started to like it and now I miss walking.

This was in the center of one of their malls.  Ok I live in Louisiana and we don’t even have huge alligators in the center of our malls. 

We went to this town called Telc.  It looks like a fake town.  What do you think? 

This is my team in front of the castle that we toured.

That is all the pictures I want to post now.  If anybody knows how to put a quicklink video file up here for all to see, please let me know.

 The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. 

Tom Bodett American Author, TV Host



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  1.    +HI-2+ hey Jessie! hows it goin? lookin 4ward 2 comin 2 camp this summer! those r some kool pics. i always wanted 2 go 2 Europe. mayb some day
    see u soon~Spencer

  2. yay!!! you’re back. and i’m back. we were the last 1 month team to arrive and it wasn’t supposed to be like that! I definitely have some stories to tell. And i want to hear all about your trip!! your suitcase is still safe and your cd. thanks again! they shall be returned next fall!
    we’ll have to talk when i get over jet lag and settled back in!

  3. I just realized that Austin Grinkemeyer goes to my church…..was he in your group or the kindergarten group?  I really miss the kids from camp way too much.  I wish I could do that and get married this summer all at the same time!  I miss you too Jessie!!!!

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