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you know i would not be a true xanga addict if I did not update while in the Czech Republic, so here goes:   I love the simplicity of it all.  These people take so much time out of there lives to be still.  They ride the tram everyday and just relax…Those daily hours on the tram have been the best for me.  I read or stare out the window while silently praying to my God.  They stare out the window as well…What do they think about, I wonder.  Usually at night we are tired and funny. We stick out because we talk and no one talks on the tram.  Last night we had a bonfire with some youth from the school.  The youth group came too.  We sang songs in English and Czech while playing the guiter on the tram…Charles is a tough rebel guy, but the look on his face while we worshipped God, was priceless… He softened…He watched and I am sure wondered “what do they have that makes them act this way”  The girl at this internet cafe is cool….I love communicating with her even though the only english she knows is Thank you.  

 I am glad we go to schools every morning…I want to know English because it is the future.  a girl said that…in case you didn’t know, they are required to take English classes from 3rd-12th grade.  In 9th grade they also must take german or french.  Also right now they are studing for final exams. For this they get two weeks off of school because these exams cover  information from 9th -12th grade.  Then school is over for them…If they want to go to university, they must take another really really hard exam in 6 weeks.   Most will not pass.  Only 10% go to college.  it is free, but the tests are hard to get in.  I will never again complain about my finals.  I kinda like walking a lot.  A t4radtion they have is that in there 12th year they dress up and ask for money in school and on the streets…They have crazy costumes and even sing…sounds great to me.  I’d think Americans should do that too.  Ok well i pay for internet so gotta go…. leave me love yo!


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  1. You wouldn’t be a true xanga addict if you didn’t update. So I am glad you did. Its sounds like fun.   +SMILE4+ taken the tram, singing songs. I don’t think I could survive their school system.

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