This is gonna be my last post before ropes slash missions training. I miss people already. This year was all about relationships. I have made quite a few interesting ones.  My favorite brother winger and I have almost nothing in common, yet I feel that I  could talk to him about almost anything.  I never thought I would cry telling Okafur bye, but I did both times I told him.  I have really grown to like Jesh a huge amount.  That kid is real quality and to think that I only started talking to him about a month ago.  I didn’t really meet Cody until open house this year!  Almost a whole year and I didn’t even know a boy on my own brother wing.  I never thought I would get along with someone like Cody, but I like him a lot.  I am glad he’ll be on Armor next year. Then there is Jarrod.  Quality doesn’t even do him justice.  He helped people move out all day.  He took time out of his super busy nursing schedule to go to banquet with me, who he really didn’t’ even know very well.  I love me some Heather Day and she is the best coworker ever!I love my Lizzy.  Jo is my home girl.  I am so excited for our wings next year. It took me a whole semester to appreciate my sister wing, but I do.  I love the relationship that I still have with people from camp…I love that I am still friends with all my ex roommates to the point that they would do anything for me and me for them… There are also a lot of little unexpected relationships that I have made…random but yet so important to me. I am so glad that this year I let people in.  It takes a long time for me to let people in, but I think I am worth it.

I have decided that I don’t like the unknown. I don’t like change. I will be in a whole different country for almost a month.  Oh God help me to stop feeling inadequate. I am happy that I will have Internet when I get home even though I will have very little contact with real people.  I shall not die of boredom, I promise.  This is the first time I really didn’t want to leave for the summer. I even wanted to hug people when I left this time.  And yes I did cry.  First time I cried over people leaving.  So I liked someone this year and now I cry…I am turning into a girl!  Oh wait I am a girl…hehehehe…So I know I will definitely miss my pals and I am definitely scared for what the summer holds.  I think it is because I have no plans for this summer Someone said to me the other day “After all you’ve been through, how do you still live your life the way you do?  My reply to them “one shower at a time.”  That is how I will live my life this summer.  I don’t know what my life holds at all. It is all in God’s hands. For the first time in the six years since I have been a Christian I have finally learned how to fully trust Him with my life…

I shall now present the If I was Drinking Milk, if Would Have Come Out My Nose  award to Jeshua for saying “There are three kinds of people in this world.  Those who can count and those who can’t.”  Take a minute to let that one soak in and if you have any questions just ask. 

             OK I want everyone who reads this to answer this question:  This summer I may go to the casino. I am not trying to get rich quick, I just may go with the people I work with.  Is this wrong?  You can give me scriptures or anything if you have those.  I just want to know what YOU would do as a Christian.  Sorry so long…many thoughts have been building up lately…Peace for a week


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  1. Every day, in the month of May, yall should pray for Jessie B. She’s gonna be in the Czech on a missions trip.

  2. I would see it as wrong. wasting money on something and you might not get anything back. and also if i started i wouldn’t be able to stop. guess what i got?? i got an sn myprinceofpeace4 so now we can talk!

  3. Jessie!! I found you. Ropes was great. I’m glad we got to know each other. I’ll be praying for your time while you’re there. Pray for us too! Don’t go to the casino. Too easy to get hooked. better ways out there…better ways  +SUN+

  4. Jessie….I would even go just to see what it is like…. just dont spend all of your money….  I will pray for your missions trip.  You will be just fine, I am sure God has awesome things in store for you.  Have a great summer!!!!!!
    your NEW friend, 😉
    Cody L Conner

  5. this was a good post….ill be praying for the missions…i have a friend on the uganda team. Don’t go to the casino…look at it as Gods money, b/c it really is. Its not our own. You wanna gamble on make an investment on somethan take that money and bless someone in need with it…see what you reap from it. Thats a good gamble….

  6. I hope every thing goes well for you on missions, i will be praying for you… also an added note … i am in hong kong right now … isnt that cool

  7. jessie berzas… i miss you… i miss laying on the carpet… talking to you and not paying attention to the children i am watching… most of all i miss saying brrzaa really fast… hope you having an amazing time in europe…

  8. ha, you made it safely and soundly to the other side of the earth!  without going crazy!
    yes i will be praying for you much
    you are loved
    be blessed jessie eve berzas
    **don’t forget to bring me back something**

  9. Hey foreign friend. I’m praying for you and the team. I can’t wait to hear all about it because I’m sure you already have incredible stories. I love you a lot. I’ll post an address for camp on my site before I leave.

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