Tonight Heather, Alyssa and I went to the Rose Gardens and took pictures.  It was great and relaxing.




These are my favorite ones of myself.  I usally take horrible pics, but thanks to the Nazi er…I mean wonderful picture taker these look alright.



Here are a couple of our banquet pics.  Darn cheap camera, but maybe they will turn out ok.




Good times.  I still can’t believe it is almost over.  Good News- less than four days till i see my Lizzy!

Edit:  Nope they look like junk, but I am gonna keep them on anyway


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  1. Jessy those are really good pictures of you.  You look friggen HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its so sad that we all have to go our seperate ways here in a few days.  Summer will be great and a much needed break from school.  But i will definitely miss people, hours spent in saga, and most of all jessy berz.  

  2. The non banquet pictures are really good, they look very very professional, and you look like you had fun both at banquet and at the rose gardens.  I would just like to say you have one of the coolest smiles i have ever seen, and i enjoyed our little AIM talk it was good to get to know you a little better.

  3. Hey Jessie, it’s great to “meet” you! πŸ™‚ I know I’ve seen you around, but I have never talked to you. oh, and yeah, I live on Zoe.  that’s awesome that Nicole is going to be your roommate! she’s such a sweetheart.  what floor are you two going to live on? I guess I haven’t asked Nicole yet, or I don’t remember what she told me. 
    well, I will ttyl! I would love to ask you about some oi comm classes later… bye!

  4. aww Jessie I love your pictures! your hair looks different but i like it. so who are the boys? well i don’t think they are cute shocking for me right…haha. I had a picture of my “cute principal on my site but everyone didn’t like it so i changed it. I haven’t seen you in a whole 8 months and 21 days so i don’t know why sugababy is complaining. and i prob. won’t be seeing you for like two years or never again which is scary. i am sure that peson is cool. I was thinking I only know you b/c i wasn’t with lily in EC. I first didn’t like you and your temptation’s music. Then we started playing spit and yeah when i came back for 3rd it was all the picnic table! Wow this is long sorry. I don’t think you mind.

  5. ok i will admit.  you are pretty dang good looking.. but what really makes you hot is that you live for God.  what more could I, or any man of God seek out in a woman. 

  6. My Love! I can’t wait to see you either. I agree with Jarrod as well (except for him spelling your name wrong) and Heather that you are hot. And I disagree with whoever it was who said those guys aren’t hot cause we all know your date Jarrod is like, the hottest guy on Armor. (especially when he’s wearing a cowboy hat!)
    Love ya

  7. oh my gosh..are you freaking hot or what???lol
    Well, i know u dont like that phrase…too bad..i already said it…but i’d modify it for you..
    those pics are…ermm…really good.You look really cute in them.
    well, this is ma first post on yer site..pretty kul stuff u got going here girl..

  8. jessie berzas i heart you sooooo much… im glad i got to work with you this year… tomorrow is our last day to work together for the rest of this semester… sadness… im going to miss you… dont be sad or mad at me… 😦  i heart you bunches and twice as many times as i say i hate you…. πŸ™‚

  9. i aspire to be a HOTTIE like jessie berzas one day.  the kind that causes GOB.  hahahahahhasjkdfha;kjhtrq; oih
    i will be sad too when the year ends and we don’t have IM or xanga or saga to hang out with each other all the time.  or to talk about … stuff … yeah.
    stupid kansas city*jus jokin*

  10. hey, I am from Lafayette. I may have heard of it because I go to Lake Charles all the time when I am home because my grandmother lives their, that’s where my mother grew up. So yeah. Who knows? Well, thanks for the comment. Hope all is well your way. Take care and God bless. =)Rita Lee

  11. i love random comments, so thanks!! and your pictures are really cute…    +UMBRELLA+haha its poop!
    sorry, well, have a great one

  12. I am just adding more to your popularity if you want o see pics. of me and my friends you can go to fading_ink on my subs and you can also go to jewunit’s site and then to her website and then to her picture page.

  13. Thanks for understanding my situation. It’s good to know that I’m not the only female out there who feels this way. By the way, the situation has indeed gotten worse, just as i predicted! Ahhhh! It makes me almost glad it’s finals week so that I have a good reason to shut people out! Didn’t we have a class together once, or something? I’m pretty sure we’ve met. Anyway, good luck on your finals, and have a great summer!-Ashley

  14. yes indeeed… you ladies look ravishing…. wait. for some reason that word doesnt sound as clean as it used to..
    And it definitely looks like you used the word “dam” when referring to the “nazi er wonderful pictue taker” made me do a double take. Looking good, though. Peace.
    Love the song.

  15. It was a combination of things this weekend that made me realize it. The thing is that its not as much what I’ve been doing with my life or what I’ve been accomplishing, as it is how I’ve been going about it and how I feel about it. I’m finding it hard to say exactly what I mean right now, but if you want me to explain I’ll talk to you later.
    Oh, nice pix btw.

  16. I dunno I might come back next year. I havent decided yet. I think Id like to. But I might enlist to go to Iraq. Funny , you’ve been reading about my life for a long time but you have never met me. I dont think I like that at all. We need to hang out sometime. Oh well. Have a great summer. Im staying here in Tulsa and working all summer. Aight well Im out, Peace and Love, Tay.

  17. more pop. depressing. i will miss you maybe mike will call. can’t you do some job? even drive the bus or something? oh well i was going to be there just visit like once a week but ahh….don’t forget me.   +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+  +T_T+

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