I just want to say that I am free.  This has been a hecka tough three weeks.  I mean hecka tough.  Many sleep-little nights.  Some due to my own distractions, i.e instant messenger, but they (the converstations) were all worth it, I’d say.  I do want to say that I really enjoy talking to people.  Especially cool ones.  So if you think you are cool, come find me and we’ll talk.  I enjoy guy friends that are just that; friends.  Even though boys can be so weird and say the most random things slash questions in the world, I still rather enjoy their company.  I like guy friends even more when they are so thoughtful to buy me a book of quotes for no reason at all except for the fact that I love quotes. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.   Now i will tell a story because I have been told that this is what I do best.  The story really happened when I went home about three weeks ago.  The names have not been changed. 

                                             The Skating Rink

        I see many kids going in circles.  They look so familiar. “Are you Heidi’s brother?”  I say to one.  “Yes, do you know her?”  His inquiring eyes looking up at me.  “I went to school with her.  We graduated together.”  I say to him as my mind wonders back to high school memories.  “So you must be about 21 years old.  What in the hell are you doing here?”  Oh snap, back to reality.  I am 21 years old and taking my brother and sister skating.  I drive 12 hours to go skating.  Not really.  It is so much more than that.  The skating rink represents so much of my childhood.  I met my first love there.  I had fights with enemies and even friends at the skating rink.  The skating rink represents many bruises, tears, heartaches, boyfriends and friends.  Now I come back and so do the memories.  I see those tiny black girls moving their body to the music in ways I couldn’t even do in my dreams. Some songs you can’t dance to with your skated on.  So they take them off.  Tootsie Roll,  The train,  1,2,3,4, Sumpin’ new.  Those songs made us take off our skates.  Let me see you one two step”, she sings as I too take off my skates to join the soul sisters and my little sister as well.  These are the moments …the moments that capture my heart.

“In real love you want the other person’s good.  In romantic love you want the other person” Margaret Anderson


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  1. How that is so ture… the skating rink brings back all those childhood memories…. I never had the dance moves then…. but I do now…. I remember those little relationships in jr. high…… there was all night skate…. you would make out all night…. and your parents would pick you up the next morning…..oh wow… now there all coming back…..  I have had the same experience of taking my little brother.  I can relate!     +o_O+

  2. when i think of skating rings , i think of nervous little gradeschoolers with sweaty palms as they roll hand in hand……forget that sappy crap…when i was at the skating rink it was who is gonna make out with who…sad i know…but who wouldnt want to make out with me now that i look so delicious(referring to my good looking picture).. JESS HOW ARE YOU!   +BigPOO+

  3. now im really mad at you for deleting my entry… geez… and to think i nursed you back to health earlier today when you were dying… remember… you were bleeding to death and i used my nursing skills to save your life… so people are just ungrateful… gaahhh! the nerve…  +HEART-2+ heather

  4. it is sad that we never got ot know eachother, but i chalk that up to my shyness.  Yeah i know i am way to shy.  Why didnt you think there would be deep thoughts in my xanga? just curious, its not like i am mad… i am glad i surprise people, i like to break out of stereotypes

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