I am declaring this week National Give Yourself E-props Week.  I mean come on, if you don’t love yourself who else will?  No, but seriously this year God has shown me the importance of slowing down and doing things for yourself.  The bible says to love your neighbor as yourself.  If you don’t love yourself then how can you love others?  You can’t give away what you do not have.  If you are constantly giving to others without refueling, you are short changing them and yourself in the process.  Taking the time to fill yourself to overflowing so that you may benefit others is an eternal act.  In the end we will realize that the things we thought mattered, were nothing in light of what we could have been if only we’d taken the time…. So today and as often as you feel necessary, take time for yourself.


I get eprops for:

  • Pulling a Heather and cutting my own hair

  • Driving in Kansas City (aka most confusing city in the world)

  • Spending a focused 10 hours at Kafe Bona working on a paper due the next day.

  • Finally running again

  • Making my site look super cool

  • Obeying God about my summer plans even though they are not what I want


Before you make fun of people you should walk a mile in their shoes.  That way you’ll be a mile away and you will have their shoes   Jack Handy


10 responses to “

  1. hahaha for once in my life im a leader.. haha no one on xanga gets that joke but  if you did it would be funny… 🙂 in honor of reading too many xangas this week … im giving in to peer pressure…
    i love me some jessie berzas slash mini me slash crazy cajun…
    …there i used the grammatically incorrect sentence.. i love me some and slash in the same sentence…

  2. holy COW!! i can use all these picture icons??!! no way! AND you have FIREWORKS on your site. jessie– you are one coooool cat  +RAIN+    +MILK+  +NO SMOKING+  +HIKE+  +Juice+  +FLOWER+  +BYE-2+  +SNOW+

  3. hey fancy site maker. your emoticions are cool. I want to use them. I will tell you a story… of me…. today.
      +HI-1+ my name is ridiculous. Today, I decided not to   +ZzZ+ and woke up at 5am to be more productive on my homework. The   +SUN+ rose and   +PUNCH+ me in the face when I realized that I wanted to really still   +ZzZ+. But it’s ok. I made it through the day with    no   +COFFEE+.  After dinner, my roomate and I said   +BYE-1+ to the cafeteria filled with   +Burger+ and   +ICECREAM+ and went to our room to have an Ace of Base dance party. Ahh.. soon summer will come. Time for   +BIKINI+,   +THUNDER+,   +SUN+,   +VOLLEYBALL+,   +FLOWER+, and   +ZzZ+.
    Ok, that’s my story.
    I like Jessie Berzas.

  4. stupid fireworks—i can’t read anything
    anyways—thanks for the coffee yo
    if you ever feel the need to bless someone with your sodexho bucks and want some coffee company—holla at a sista
    stupid fireworks!

  5.  i agree– the fireworks are amazing but…. annoying. i can’t read anything!   +NO SMOKING+ (that one is my favorite) and the ice tea one   +Juice+ 

  6. Hey, I usually give you eprops! I like what you said and your quote!  +SUN+ I don’t like the fireworks but i like these comment faces or whatever. I still don’t have IM.   +BYE-1+ with   +HEART-2+ peace.

  7. and I think you should save your sodexho bucks for me so I can eat in the cafeteria when i get to Tulsa! HAHAHAHAHA
      +BigPOO+ Poop!
      +PooStick+ Poop on a stick!
      +POOP+ More Poop!

  8. Woh! Jessie, your site IS wicked cool! But I don’t see these fireworks that everyone is talking about. The poop emoticons would be REALLY popular here in Japan because they love poop. I was glad to read that you went to our new church in Austin and liked it. We’ve actually never been to Austin or Shoreline Christian Center – but we feel a peace about the offer – so here we go (well, not until August)!

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