Today has been one of those days.  I don’t’ even want to name all the things that went wrong today because it is not worth it and they are over with.  I do want to say that I love children.  At work today this 9 year old hugged me.  This is a huge deal because she is so not a hug type of girl.  In fact sometimes I feel like she hates me.  Well tonight I was almost to the front of the church and she comes running around the corner.  She hugs me and says “Don’t think I didn’t see you.”  I was in a bit of a shock because like I said earlier, she is not a hug girl.  So I was like “Wow nice hug I was kinda surprised so could we try again” and we did.  Two hugs from a sassy little girl who reminds me of myself when I was a youngster.  Those two hugs meant the world to me.  Its funny how I underestimate myself.  She likes me, she really really likes me.  This I now know for sure.  I love children and them seem to like me a lot as well.


It is only in the giving of oneself to others that we truly live. Ethel Perry Andrus


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  1. Hi Jessie! I didn’t know you had a blog site! It’s great to “see” you again. I love your profile picture too – beautiful! Well, I just read your thoughts and feelings about Chapel last week and although in the busyness of the end of the semester you might be over it all – I thought that I’d throw in my two cents anyway…
    It sounds to me like you are maturing. I had a similar experience as a student there. My first two years I LOVED chapel and really looked down on upper-classmen who seemed so cynical towards it. Then towards my junior and senior year – I started becoming the very type of student that I judged before. Now, looking back I think it’s all part of the personal development we go through at ORU. Of course, it’s always crucial to remain teachable and not harden your heart – but there is nothing wrong with questioning. We need to learn to think for ourselves. Many students go from accepting almost everything that is said from the pulpit as new students, to starting to question it and analyze it more. As much as this might seem like a negative, judgemental thing to do – I think you couldn’t develope this skill in a better place. ORU is a safe place to question certain fads or denominational beliefs because you are surrounded by professors and friends who can walk through your doubts or questions with you. In life we have to learn how to discern so many different things and as you grow deeper and deeper in your relationship with the Lord, your hunger will increase for more then just those good feelings and experiences. You might just be in a place in your walk right now where you need more “meat”. There is nothing wrong with that!
    Well, I could go on and on about ORU life but just remember – you are at a stage in life where you might start to have a lot more questions and doubts. Seek God and seek godly council and embrace this time in your life while you are at a great place place to stregthen the foundation of your faith and beliefs.

  2. thats some good advice from the previous person… i was going to ask you what church you go to? i have been wandering around all year and it is driving me nuts, and also i know what you mean about the kids hug thing, i had a similar experiance working at a church camp last summer….

  3. Aren’t you non-demonational? You know you felt that way when you hugged me and “your boys” whatever your group was called. ok you probably didn’t, but you know talking at the picnic table was fun. I think that is cute.

  4. Hey! You’re site is sooo pretty! I am going to University of Louisiana @ Lafayette in the fall. What about you?! I’m subscribing to your Xanga

  5. Hey do you have pictures from banquet??????? Just wondering.  Hope your night is full of good times and smiles. Jarrod

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