Today we played softball.  I love softball.  I always thought that it could be fun even if people really didn’t know how to play.  Leave it up to this floor to prove me wrong.  We lost and that is not even the point.  We played like junk.  I played like junk.  I was so sick and I had a bad attitude.  I am a good softball player, but today I sucked so badly.  I hate the s-word, but there is no other way to describe me.  I missed a pop fly!  I played softball for over ten years and I miss a simple pop fly.  It wasn’t even over my head; I just let it barely miss my glove.  I did hit a triple my first time up to bat, so I don’t feel like the biggest loser in the world.  But then there was the fact that everybody and their momma was telling people what to do.  Usually I am one of those people because I want to be a teacher and maybe a softball coach, but today I just let people tell me what to do and then I watched them not follow their own advice.  Frustration!  I am frustrated because I didn’t have fun this morning.  I have been waiting for this all year.  I put myself in such an awkward position last weekend by going home in a hurry with a boy I barley knew just so I could be here for this crap today.  Ok I am done with the angry part of this post.  I do want to say that Heather rocks my face off.  She is one of the most quality people I know.  She had such a good attitude about everything.  I am glad I get to work with her and live with her.

On a happy note, I went out with great people last night and had great food and great fellowship.  My date is amazing.  We are just friends, so girls go after him   He was such a gentleman.  His momma and papa must have raised him well.  We ate at the Garlic Rose and then had great dessert at Mimi’s Café.  Man that banana ice cream was the bomb! Maybe that is why I woke up sick and throwing up this morning (I can’t have dairy products).  I need to get away from ORU with people who don’t get on my nerves.  Oh wait I live in Tulsa with nothing to do.  That leaves me with doing homework at a coffee shop.  Very familiar.  Oh that’s right, I do that every Saturday.  The joys of being in college.  This better be worth it dangit!  I‘ll leave you guys with a funny quote.  I sure you need to laugh now.

             If you meet a brown bear in the woods, don’t panic. Brown bears don’t eat people, they eat berries. Black bears eat people. However, a brown bear will trade you to a black bear for some berries.


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  1. Thanx for the complements, i also had an enjoyable time.  Thank you so much for everything and you’ll have to get those pics to me sometime.  Im sorry you got sick i hope you feel better.  Sorry that softball was so crappy. 

  2. sorry for the slow reply about czech rep. czech people are generaly very warm friendly people. : ) alot of people do bealve in mystical things. like fortune tellers. as for food goes its just cheep stuff nothing fancy. meat and potatoes kind of stuff. i dont know much about games and things. i know most people are open minded and christianity is common. but most people are ushally free thinkers. alot of people arnt very materialistic as most americans are. they dont have insaine amounts of clothes and stuff. most people live a pretty simple life when it comes to things like that. teenagers are very into “discos” dance clubs and enjoy hanging out with their friends. theres a few czech people in my neighborhood. i think its the best way to learn the language (other than going there) is to talk to someone from there and they can teach you the basics and pronoucing. i hope this helps!

  3. that’s the bear quote you wanted to tell us?
    sorry that the banana fosters mud pie made you sickand i’m sorry that your floor’s attitude sucked todayand i’m sorry that the weekend that you’ve been waiting for turned out to be crappy
    but i am super happy that you had fun last nightwith me and the hobbitsbecause i had super fun too
    yeah.  that’s all for now.

  4. jessie berzas… im glad i get to work and live with you too… haha your working by yourself tomorrow… 🙂 im sleeping in for the first sunday in 14 weeks!!!! see ya tomorrow.. 🙂

  5. I suck at softball, but somehow i got placed on the 1team. Go fig. Thanks for commenting my site. and i hope you feel better. Attitudes are funny things….they are just like a rainy day… we can either let them keep us from having fun, or we can go play in the mud.
    Rule #489 when being chased by a bear, you dont have to be fast. Just faster than the person with you.
    God bless.

  6. luv ur xanga..looks good.  well..Brno is like 3 hours away from me. Ehm…well u will probably need european adapter to plug-in all the american chargers and so b/c we ahve different kind of them…all the food is good and i think u will like it….:))

  7. thanx for everythin…well..yup they should have it in walmarkt in electronics..or best buy for sure…if not…jus task them they will tell u more…or where to get it…
    well..the games…czech kids like everythin…american hehe:)

  8. My weekend trip was fun! I went caving! why am i telling you this I don’t know. I don’t here music…does it work? nevermind my volume was down…”its a beautiful day” I like the new layout.

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