Riding in a car for 24 hours leads to a lot of thinking.  I wrote a little something because I realized that who I was, what people see me as now, and what I really am, are all completely different things.  I am reminded of this fact every time I go home. Perception is reality I just wish that I’d always lived like that were true.


I was Tommy Berzas’ daughter.  I am not Brent’s hot cousin. I am just Jessie Berzas.

I was always Kramer’s girlfriend. I am not boy crazy. I am content with my singleness.

I was the “Skating Rink Queen”. I am not a kid anymore.  I am a great big sister.

I was a lost sinner.  I am not just Amber’s Christian sister.  I am in love with Jesus.


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  1. yes, i still consider myself a catholic.  i havent been to a mass in tulsa though, dunno where the catholic church is.  you’re sorta catholic?  why?  let’s chat it up sometime

  2. Who is kramer? I thought you didn’t like guys? well anyways hows life? ok I guess for you. I was going to call but then *that would be wasting minutes* for me, but i only call you and Lily. so maybe later.

  3. well…at first…r u going there w/ church or girls scouts…or what kind of youth…? then i can tell u what kind of games is ok….htere r plenty of websites just search thru google…i know that there is one also with audio learning and translating from english to Czech..just search….
    ehm…food..is good depends on what kidn of foo u liek…not that much fast food…we have good czech dumplings and same yummy sauces….welll..depends on what u like…just tell em little bit more abotu what r u gonna do there and where r u gonna stay and i will tell u more…btw…i’ll be by that time back in CZ..so we can meet heh

  4. Hmmm. I don’t know what would be wrong.  I’ll email it again, but this one is straight from the site I got the code at so it doesn’t have my songs in it. Hopefully it’ll work this time! 

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