I am home in Louisiana.  I got home at 2am this morning.  I am excited to be home, even if it is only for a day. I surprised everyone except my sister.  I told her I was coming home.  The drive wasn’t bad.  I didn’t have to go alone because I brought Kevin to his house which is only about an hour away.  He was good company. We get along well and stuff and he always likes to talk about the bible, so that is great.  I think he is my second favorite brother winger now.  I am on my mom’s computer and I tried to show my sister my site.  The writing is funny and I can’t read it when I go to public preview.  I wonder if other people can’t read my site because of font or skin problems.  I think I may just take off my skin, even though I love it so much.  Well today is gonna be a busy day so I’d better head off.


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  1. I can read but it isn’t the French layout. I like your icon picture. Are you really holding the flower? When are you leaving for czech? “je t’aime”…jennifer’s bf always says that …at least he has now moved to eng. he doesn’t even take french. so avoir mon amie!

  2. Hi Love! I’m happy you got to go home – you better call me. I bet the trip was interesting! See? I finally joined! love ya, liz

  3. welcome back(I saw Kevin). I dont think i have ever commented before. I need to now that i know you have favorites in the brother wing jk.
    have a good one

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