I am back and better than ever.  Well not really, but that is how I feel.  The number one college abused substance and I are back to being buds again.  Yep you heard right, I am on drugs. I must say that although I have enjoyed the last few days with my pal coffee, I don’t think I will ever go back to the ‘must have or I’ll die attitude.”  I rather enjoyed not being addicted to coffee.  In other news, I need sleep.  I need Jesus.  I need to go home.  With all these needs upon me, does that make me a needy person?  Ha ha just kidding. 

              Banquet has been canceled.  Oh junk I say.  Just when I think things are going great on the floor, this comes up.  We can’t agree on anything.  I am staying on this floor next year and if I have my way, things will be different.  Nicole is gonna be my roommate number seven.  Just so you know I am not a horrible person, they all left for valid reasons.  Taylor- Well I sorta drove her off and she wanted to live on a floor with a girl from her home town. Olga- got married (praise God).  Angie-summer mate.  She lived in a private room.  I would have loved to stay with her forever.  We still are great friends and I think she’ll be tight in my circle forever.  Carman graduated in December.  Amber moved to Susie to be more studious because she is a pre-med major.  Donna moved in an apartment with her cousin.  Gosh I have had more roommates than good friends.  I am excited about Nicole.  Maybe she’ll be my longest roommate.  You know that sleep I was talking about earlier?  I must meet it now. 


This picture is my stepmom (Tye) daddy (Tommy) and sister (Amber).  This was taken at Amber’s softball tournment in Austin, Tx. July 2003


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