Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by moments that take your breath away.  My spring break skiing trip could be summed up by that quote alone.  I went to Winterpark, CO.  I was at the top of two mountains on a very beautiful day.  The scenery was breath taking to say the least.  While flying down the mountain on my skis, I could not help but thank God for making this captivating scene possible.  This was my second skiing trip to Colorado and I am convinced that you have not really lived until you have seen the mountains. 

Last spring break was absolutely life changing for me.  It taught me a lot about dependence, friends, and trust.  I had to depend on people I barely knew to take care of me for 10 days.  I was forced to open up and because of that I made some awesome friends.  But the biggest thing was when I had to trust God not to let me die on the mountain.  Just joking about that last part, but on the real (that was such a Jr. High saying ) last spring beak was when I stop letting fear take over.  I used to fear so much.  I feared that I was never gonna be good enough for my parents.  I feared that people would not like the real”crazy” me.  I feared that I was never gonna be a good enough Christian because of my background.  But last spring break all my fears were laid aside.  I guess that is why I loved skiing so much.  It was during those runs down the mountain that I first let go of the fears that held me back for so long. 

        Now for this spring break update.  The first day we went to a smaller place.  I taught my friend how to ski.  She did amazing the first day.   She did better than I did on  my first day!.  Then she let fear take over and kinda stayed at the beginner level.  I felt for her because I was there last year, but I could not take her fear away for her.  I think she still had fun the rest of the trip.   Wednesday I turned 21.  All I did on that day was drive form 7am to 8:30pm. from Colorado to Tulsa.  I went to bed at 10pm and slept until 2pm the next day.  I was so tired.  Things I learned from this trip.  Girls complain a lot.   It is OK to fall down a mountain as long as you are still in control while falling.   Not all mountains were created equal.  I learned more and more how to see people through Jesus eyes.  What a sense of humor that God sure has.  He sure did stretch me on this trip So maybe I snapped at a couple of people, but hey I snapped a lot less than others and besides, I think they deserved it and I sure felt better.   So yea things don’t always go as planned, but hey live your life with no regrets right?  Peace out ya’ll


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  1. I am so thankful for our lodge moment. It is funny how certain moments can change your life. What would I do without the open Jessie in my life?AND, Happy Birthday, you little secret keeper. Hmm… I’m scheming now. Don’t think you’ll get away without something.

  2. I love your thoughts a little less then Albert’s for deepness but that is cool. Yeah you have impacted my life. sounds pretty lame but you have. i better see you when i come visit cs.

  3. Hey mama;  yeah Leann has one Miss_lelo!! so when are u going home cuz im goin tomorrow!!! Ya already know i gotta get me some of that good ole Fausto’s crawfish potatoe!! Holla back

  4. jessie berzas!! lol yeah you really opened up on xanga!! yeah that friend of yours.. i saw her.. lol she sucked at skiing that second day…whew.. glad i didnt look like her.. haha. i do agree that one hill was not created equal with all other green hills… not at all. spring break was fun though.. no regrets.. 🙂 see ya in a bit im sure.

  5. Jessie!!  I’m so excited that you will be here on June 18th…that’s the day of my bridal shower, too bad you’ll be too tired probably, BUT I am very excited about seeing you again.  I would love for you to come to my wedding.  It is on July 8th at 5pm.  Hopefully you can get out of camp a little early??  I love you and I miss you and I’m very excited to see you soon!!

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