Things I love :

  • Going to the movies and hating the movie but still having great quality time

  • The sacrifices of Lent- Four weeks today coffee free!!!!

  • Taking random classes my Sr. year because I worked so hard my first 3 years.

  • Conversations about God

  • Conversations with God

  • Singing worship music at the top of my lungs in my car on the way to work

  • My sister wing. They are so real and love Jesus. Good job Cah for raising them right

  • 45 minute phone calls from my Lizzy who hates to talk on the phone

  • Songs that hold memories.  Especially camp Sonshine songs. 


 There are five cacti on my window seal! I think your smooth, and good with talking come with me to the Sadie Hawkins¡¦. My name is Jessie and you know what I got!Take your left hand and make it into a fist and do the woo woo dance. .


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  1. Jessie– you are too sweet! My girls are just amazing because of God in them– not me!! YEAH for the list of things you love! Have a blessed day dahlin’

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    u just gotta go to one of these ::::::   what you will most likely do.
    find the song you want, then you gotta follow their instructions how to copy it, and if there are no directions, right click and click “copy url”.  then go to your website, into “look and feel”, scroll to the very bottom where is says “Music URL” or somethin like that, right click again in the box and click paste. then you can check “loop” if you want to play the entire time. then click “preview” and voila! and if it doesn’t work than go to a different site or try a diff. song or tell me!

  3. i wouldn’t call it ‘putting up with’ when i shop with you.  heck, spending quality time is greatness in my book.  i’m just kinda sad that it had to be cut short—but what am i supposed to do with friends who are only in for the weekend?
    oh well.
    till next time.

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