I woke up at 6am today. 6am on a Saturday. I never thought I would be doing that. We had this all day prayer missions thing. We prayed form 7-8. Then my community outreach prayed from 8-8:45. This morning I saw a glimpse of what this university was built for. There were people interceding and crying out to the Lord with everything inside of them. I long for something to spark the hearts of the students here; myself included. God has shown me so much in the last week. I have come to realize that when things are going great it seems that I don’t feel like I need God or at least not desperately need Him. I don’t want to live like that anymore. Things are happening in my life that forces me to run to God. There are questions that only He can answer, voids only He can fill, and wounds only He can heal.
        In the night session from 11-12, something happened in me. There is no turning back. The service reminded me of youth group. Now I know most people didn’t have a good youth group, but I had an amazing one. We used to sing music and be so spirit led. When the parents would come pick up the youth, they would walk in the building and drop to their knees because the presence of God was so strong. That is what I miss about home. Not that I lived off those mountain top moments, but everyone in a while it is nice to be refreshed. So this week I have sought the Lord and He has heard His daughter. As I write this I am listening to “anything” by the desperation band. Jon Egan says I love you more than anything. I need you more than anything. You can move me more than anything. Lord anything at all. Only you Jesus. Only you God. You can move me. You can move me Lord. I want not just to sing those words, but for them to be true.


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  1. Jessie I am freaking out this is how we can now keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!! but you can still try to send email and maybe call sometime but now you can check this to see what I am up to. Nice picture and layout!

  2. Hi JessieYeah its me agian. you know you love me though and miss me. you have an lj that is so cool! I like your entries you write a lot which I guess is nice. You are sort of like me with the leadership and God thing. What other counselors have xangas or ljs? Oh Amy has one to but i will lether tell you b/c I am not supposed to know. Your far away HA girl,Rachel

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