So it has been like two weeks.  Gosh I am such a slacker. I really have no idea why I have this xanga.  I am so much more a writing journal type of girl.  I actually hate to type.  I love to write and if people may read this I want it to be good.  In my journals there are no rules.  I type this in MS word then copy and paste into xanga.  I am such a nerd.  I can be such a perfectionist at times, but cannot for the life of me manage to keep my room and car clean.  OK so I will try to make this is simple journal thing to keep people updated on my life. 


Believe it or not, but not much has happened in these two weeks.  There is good news, after 112 days I am now a paying member. Yippie!  I can post pictures and I get a little note that says “Thanks” above my entries.  I have really big decisions to make about studying abroad vs. going back to camp.  So basically I have been praying a lot more for that situation.  That sounds dumb, to pray more only because I need an answer.  Maybe I will fix that about myself.  Lent is upon us.  Yes I still celebrate lent even though I am not a practicing Catholic.  I gave up coffee.  In the words of a cool guy “I am sure Jesus is pleased with your sacrifice”  He was probably being sarcastic, but I’d like to think that Jesus is smiling at me a little bigger for doing this.  Jesus took 40 days out of his life to fast and that is how I look at this commitment.  It really hasn’t been that hard.  Yea so it has only been 2 weeks, but I enjoy not being dependent on coffee. 

         So I felt like a girl today.  I know I am a girl, but I usually don’t feel very “girly.”  I bought these cute pink shoes and wore them with a pink shirt and a skirt.  I even used the straighter I got for Christmas and the purse that I got last Christmas.  Now I really feel like a girl because I am writing about my outfit on my xanga site.  Next thing you know I will be talking in the hall at all hours of the night about my latest crush.  Yea that would be the day.  Jessie Berzas doesn’t get crushes.

Until we meet again,

Jessie Berzas


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  1. You looked LOVELY today! is that heather posting up there??! how fun!! we’ll soon have everyone crossed over– did you go to stephen speaks tonight???

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