Weekend Update

I think chapel on Friday was great.  It reminded me of how chapel service was when I was a freshman.  I don’t know if that is because I am returning to the spiritual state of my freshman year (that’ a good thing), or if maybe it was because of where I sat.   For the first time in a long time I did not feel inhibited in my worship.  Usually I am afraid to lift my hands or be extravagant inworship for fear of being ridiculed by the super traditional Christians who sit near me.  Friday, however, I sat alone.  A chaplain sat by me and that was OK because he is a cool guy and then behind me we were people who would not make fun of me.  I miss the way I used to be.  I cannot believe I let myself ‘lose the fire.’  I will get it back.  I am on the right track.

On another note, Friday was a beautiful day.  It was the kind of day that makes me wanna thank Oral Roberts for building ORU here.  I wore flip-flops and a blue jean skirt to class.  That’s right folks, you heard right, flip flops in February.  I don’t even think that you can pull that off in Louisiana right now.  Thank you God for beautiful days in Tulsas, OK.

The Ignite leadership conference was Friday night and all day Saturday.  I learned a lot.  I don’t regret the time I put into the conference.  I got to see my Ally.  I miss her a bunch.  I am going to stop running away from leadership.  I will make time for people and relationships (one on ones, still can’t handle the big groups).  I will smile like I used to.  I will stop letting the cares and circumstances of this world determine my mood or attitude. 



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  1. I just now saw ur comment and here’s the reply.  I go to a pentecostal church in west monroe while im in college @ LA Tech.  The entry u read ( a LOOng time ago) was me making fun of some youth ppl’s habits in our church.  Wasnt a real drama/skit or anything.
    Sorry it took so long on the reply

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