The most random entry of them all..

     Today has been an overall great day.  It was just a good day until about two hours ago when I decided to go running.  Ok I will start from the beginning and try to keep my ADD under control.  I opted not to get my daily coffee today and have not had a headache. *Miracle* There wasn’t really much thought that went into the decision, it just kinda happened.  Then we played a really cool game in my advanced public speaking class.  The point was to get out of our box.  I will forever remember the moral of that game.  So that kinda got the ball rolling and then I liked what the chapel speaker had to say.  He talked about how you can’t be a mean Christian.  I know that may be so simple, but to me it was huge.  I always think of myself as mean.  Not that I put myself down with it, but it is a reality that I face.  I am sometimes mean and “rough around the edges” (but I’m getting better).  Now I have to totally eradicate that from my life.  I will be nice.  It is really hard for me because the example that I grew up with was anything but nice.  I will stop being lazy and try harder. 

     Ok then my 1:30 was canceled so I had lunch in the cafeteria.  On my way there I saw snow.  I love snow.  It always makes me super excited and gets me going.  So I was in a super good mood upon entering the cafeteria and there two of favorite armor guys greeted me.  Quality time with my favorite people always equals fun in my book.  Then a nice nap was in store for me (2 hours).  Then up to the caf again.  I sat next to Chris on the sister wing.  The more I talk to/ read her journal, the more I like her.  Then it was all over.

     I had a choice between Thai food and workout.  I chose to workout.  I spent my Friday night at the ORU aerobics center.  The good thing about working out on a Friday night is that there is no one your age at the AC.  The bad thing about working out on a Friday night at the ORU AC is that there is no one your age there.  It was family time at the AC.  Maybe I will do that.  Get me a man and some kids, then raise them in Tulsa so we can pay $25 a year to bring our family to the lovely AC and work out on the weekends.  There were kids everywhere.  I love kids and I love to work out, but I don’t think you can always combine your loves.  I mean really, I love Oreos and I love salsa but you don’t see me putting those together.  The best part was that I had to run on the treadmill next to a prepubescent 15 yr old kid.  Man his long legs sure did make it look easy for him. 

     There was one kid there my age.  In fact I even know him.  I know him as well as he will let me.  I kinda have issues with him.  I will write about him as though he will never read this because I know his feelings on xangas.  He has already cut me down in his nice little way.  I hope he was listening in chapel.  I know a lot of people who would call him mean and for good reason.  I think that I underestimate the power in him.  I will make it a goal of mine to get to know him.  I am just now realizing that he may have a lot of good to offer.  He already thinks he know everything, I just should have taken him up on that offer more because soon he will be graduated.  OK so four miles and almost two CDs later I was heading out.  I feel so good after a hard workout.  I even lifted!

     I went visit my friend Erin.  She is an amazing person.  I think she truly wants to love people as Jesus did.  I want to be like that one day.  On my way back I went visit my super cool sister wing.  I may go over there more often.  I enjoyed my visit.  Yes Joanne and Christy said that I had to say they rocked so here it is “Joanne and Christy rock and are super cool” I would have said that even if they hadn’t made me.  This is the longest entry ever so peace out!


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  1. JESSIE! i can’t believe you have a xanga site, maybe you’ve had one for a long time but i just now found it- wooo hooooo!!!! so it sounds like your life is pretty busy… oh and if you do marry a man with kids and all don’t leave me in the dark- just make sure you post it on xanga. so, you’re a funny girl… and it was fun living with you this summer1Cor 1:8:) becca

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