I just got back from campus worship.  It was amazing.  I danced, I jumped, I sang, and I cried.  I felt like I did when I first got saved, so free, so unaware of the people around me.  Some people have a mask that says “holier then thou” and here I am wearing the complacency mask.  But why oh why do I continue to wear this mask when my only heart’s desire is to live for Jesus?  I just wanna fall more deeply in love with Him each day.  My outward actions don’t line up with how I feel inside.  I just wanna be the woman of God that He has called me to be.  It’s what I was created for.  I know that only when I choose to accept what God has for my life will I have true joy.  I know that I came to this university to be closer to God.  I know that I can’t get what this university has for me anywhere else.  I regret talking advantage of this place for 2 ½ years.  To anybody reading this, learn from my mistakes.  If you go to ORU and haven’t already done this, don’t let one more day go by without sitting down and truly understanding what this university holds.  Don’t leave here without what God has called you here to obtain. 



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  1. Well it really depends on what religion you are.  I’m Baptist, so good churches around here to me are of course Trinity Baptist Church, which is awesome, and the famous Glad Tidings Baptist.  Both of those I would highly recommend if you like big churches.  As far as smaller churches I sometimes attend Tom Hebert Baptist, small little church right down the road from me.  Plus I hear the Bible Church on McNeese street is really good and has a good college program.  But personally, I go to Dry Creek Baptist back home usually, unless I decide to stay here for the weekend.  Nice chattin’ witcha though, my aim is on my site if you wanna add me and you can subscribe to me too.  Peace.

  2. hey girly I read some of your comments you are to cute. I went to worship also it was very good. by the way this is Elizabeth from your spanish class last semester. talk to you later

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