This break I decided to travel and not go back to the restaurant where I worked for three years. I rode to Minnesota with Kurt and three other guys who I did not know. About three hours from Tulsa Kurt’s car messed up. We were stuck in Sheldon, Missouri pop. 526. We talked to a lady who directed us to the next town Nevada, pop. 8,000. It was Sunday about 3 in the afternoon. We had to rent a hotel. The next morning we received to bad news that is was his transmission and it would cost $1,400. Kurt wasn’t down with that at all. Plan B was for our friend (very good, amazing, so kind friend) Christie to bring her car to us so Kurt could get a transmission for $400 in MN. Christie and Megan got there around 6pm. Our plan was to leave around 5am the next morning. At 11pm Kurt suddenly said, “I think we should leave now to avoid traffic in Kansas City.” After very little debate we left. Driving with boys I barely know on no sleep= crazy madness. But hey we all mad it out alive. The MO part was so random and yet so cool. There were four boys and one girl in a town together for 36 hours. I am telling you there could not be an odder group of people. We were all so incredibly different from one another. I guess that trip taught me a lot about tolrance. 

     Kurt and I had to leave at midnight on Sunday in order to be at the shop at 7am. That meant that we had to drive through the night. More talking to a guy I barely knew. After we finally made it to the shop we still had to find something to do while he fixed the car. We decided to lay down the seats and sleep in the truck of the car in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Finally we made it to good ol’ Tulsa. I have never been so happy to be in Tulsa before.    

      The drive home was great. I wore a T-shirt and shorts! Little did I know that in three short days it would be “snowing” in Louisiana. That’s right folks, all us southern peeps got to experience snow this Christmas Eve. I heard that in places like Houston it actually stayed on the ground for a while. All it did at my house is sprinkle enough to get the little kids excited. Since I chose to not to work I feel a little lazy. After being home for two weeks I am so ready to get back to school. My 17 yr old sister is so ghetto. I don’t think I can handle her music or attitude much longer. I love her to death and I feel like there has been a lot of progress in our relationship. Twice we sat up and talked. That’s like so huge because we never really got along because we are SO different. As good as this was for me, I am glad to get away from the cussin’ and abuse. Yep my sister beats me up. She is so violent it scares me. Since I really did not do anything else worth writing about this is me signing off.


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  1. Jessie! It’s Christy on your sister wing. I like how you are such a good storyteller– it’s just how you talk– I love that!! Hope you are having a great day– YOU ROCK!! -christy

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