This weekend was so amazing.  I thought it would be the busiest weekend of my life, but I had a lot of quality time with great friends.  So Friday night a group of us went to Kafe Bona (coffee shop) and played Uno.  It was good because two of the new boys on the brother wing were there.

       Then Saturday I ran errands and went to Saga (the cafeteria).  Everybody left and it was just me and Matt.  I thought we were gonna leave, but he started asking my questions.  It was weird because I am kinda scared of boys because I just don’t know what to say to them.  Then when we were leaving, he was like we should go study together.  I was like I don’t want to.  So two hours later, having done not much , I called him.  I was like um I am bout to go off campus, what are you doing?  He was like nothing, are you inviting me?  I said yeah you can come if you want. Then Matt being the person that he is said “Well I cannot answer you because I don’t know if you are inviting me or not.”  Then I yelled “Yes I want you to come!”  He was like OK.  Then me being the idiot that I am said, But you really don’t have to if you don’t want to. He was like are you asking or not?  I was like OK come.

     So we went to Starbucks from 9-12.  We did not get any work done.  Real good QT though.  No I do not like this guy in a romantic way.  If you only knew him, then you would understand.  He is great, but not ever the type of guy I would want to date. Plus he is on the brother wing and younger than I.  So when he dropped me off at the dorm, I wanted to hug him.  I said Matt I feel like I should hug you, but I am not gonna do it He was like “you’re not, eh?”  Since Jessie Berzas doesn’t hug boys I said no and walked off.

        So many good things came out of the talk we had.  I mean he made me realize things and evaluate life in general.  Even if it never happens again I will be OK with that.  Boys are becoming more a  part of my life.  Not that I am starting to be boy crazy, it is just that I am no longer scared (or as scared of them.)  If fact Liz has been telling Adam from the bro wing, that he needs to hang out with me.  He was like um she seems like she would be hard to get to know.  I’ve heard that one before.  Well Thursday night they were on the phone and I was acting silly. Yes it was night time and I was a little delirious.  Well anyway he wanted to talk to me.  So he was like hey next time we do something you should come.  I was like ok sure whatever.

            Now this last thing may not seem like such a big deal, except for the fact that I NEVER talk to boys on the phone and I am finally coming around.  I am excited for my life.  Liz is leaving soon.  Everyday I am reminded of that.  I really care about her and I value our friendship.  I wonder if it will last.  I am in the process of making her a calendar out of pictures. 


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