I am updating this especially for Sara, (shout out to GT).  I had a great weekend.  It was college weekend.  I hosted a girl.  Oh wait let me define my ORU lingo.  College weekend= when little Jr.’s and Sr.’s come to ORU and to check out the college and see if they want to come here.  I went to Hideaway pizza Friday and then to see “Wimbledon”.  I did not like the movie at all. 

   While we were eating pizza, I had a deep thought provoking question asked to me.  It was from my friend Matt.  He is on the brother wing and I know him better than anyone else (on the brother wing) because we went on Spring Break to Colorado together.  He said to me “ So if I did not know you I would think that you were so mean>” I was like well lots of people don’t know me and they do think that.  (here it comes) So then he was like yeah because you are hard to get to know.  Then I said, “ I know and I try to fix that, but if people really took some time then they could know me.”  He then asked if he took the time.  I said yes.  Now I have been thinking/crying/praying about that whole part of my life.  I know I don’t let people in.  Now I need to get down to the root.  You cannot attempt to pull out part of a weed, you must take it away by the roots or it will just grow again.  Then Saturday I went hang out with some girls at the market.  Then we went see “Cellular”.  It was surprisingly good.  My friend Liz is graduating in Dec.  Gosh I am gonna miss that kid.  We talked for a bit and now it is 2 AM.  I have to wake up at 7:30.  Sara ,I know this may not bet the kind of update you wanted, but I had to get these thoughts down.  More to come on my life, later in the week.


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