I am sitting here at my computer going crazy.  Here’s the deal:  I woke up yesterday itching all over my body.  I am not allergic to anything, but everyone tells me I must be.  Now I am thinking about whether or not I should skip my next class and go to the doctor.  My other options are to skip my community outreach deal that I do every Tuesday and Thursday.  That would not be too big of a deal because there are like 5 other people who do it also.  We teach Spanish to Jr. High students.  Um and the last option would be to stick it out until morning, go to the doc and miss no classes to do it.  The first looks great right now, but the last is the more logical one.  I have lived with it for two days now, what harm can one more do?  Besides I need to learn and those Jr. High kids need me. 


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  1. JESSIE!  Gosh, I miss you guys way too much but I’m too busy to actually call and I hate it…lately I’ve had random camp songs stuck in my head….Do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I rock….I am the music man….and others, ya know, this is just sad, it’s december and I still miss it like crazy….I got my return app too but I can’t do it and it made me sad cuz I think if I weren’t getting married I really would do it again, anyway, I hope everyone else does so I can come visit you guys at camp and see the kids too!

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